8 Risky Foods that Cause Cancer

There are so many kinds of food items on our diet that we cannot stop and find out everything about each one of them. There are foods that cause cancer and we don’t know how we are harming ourselves. More than 1.5 million people around the world are diagnosed with cancer every year. This could mean we eat, unhealthy and unknowingly, foods that cause various types of cancer.

Carcinogenic foods are the principal causes of cancer along with other kinds of foods. Let us take a look at the list of such food items-

8 Foods that Cause Cancer: What Daily Diet Causes Cancer

Foods that Cause Cancer

1. Canned Tomatoes

Any kind of canned food has a risk of causing cancer, because of the material these cans are lined with. The lining has a chemical called BPA or bisphenol A. Tomatoes are highly acidic and BPA can be absorbed in high percentage if it is canned. BPA changes the way genes work, thus cell behavior is affected too.

2. Fizzy Soft Drinks

A recent study says people who drink one of drink every day have more chances of having than those who don’t drink it. They have artificial colors and food chemicals that can cause different varieties of cancer. They also increase blood sugar lever, increasing risks of diabetes. It can cause stomach and esophagus burning too.

3. Farmed Salmon Fish

Fish is one of the healthiest food items you can eat. But farmed salmon is not of those fishes, instead it is one of those foods that cause cancer. Most of the salmons available in the market are raised in farms. Farmers feed these fish with unnatural diets having antibiotics, chemicals pesticides and other foods containing carcinogens. They are fed chicken litter, making their flesh white. To make the flesh a natural looking pink like wild salmons, farmers feed chemicals to these salmons.

Studies show that farmed salmon have high levels of mercury, PCB and dioxins, which makes them foods that cause cancer.

4. Processed Meat Products

All the packed and processed meats you find in the super shops falls under this category, such as beef, hot dogs, sausages and others. They are cured with excessive chemicals and salt for preservation that are harmful for our health, making them foods that cause cancer. Sodium nitrate found in salt is bad for health combined with carcinogenic preservatives.

Also, smoked meat absorbs a lot of tar from the smoking process. Tar is the same ingredient found in cigarette smoke, widely known for causing lung cancer.

5. Microwave Made Popcorn

There are little bags of popcorn available that can be made in your microwave very conveniently. However, they might give you cancer. The bags are lined with PFOA, which is also found in Teflon. This component increases the risks of multiple types of cancers, such as liver, pancreas, bladder, testicle and kidney cancers. It is also responsible for infertility in females.

Most of the popcorn makers use soybean oil along with preservatives like propyl gallate. This chemical causes skin cancer. The soybean is not made of organic corn, meaning that it is definitely one of the foods that cause cancer.

6. Potato Chips

Yes, exactly! These tasty, cheap, quick snacks are loaded with risks of cancer. They have calories and fat, causing obesity if consumed regularly. These have trams-fats that cause high cholesterol in our body, increasing risks of cancer in body cells. They have artificial flavors, colors and preservatives to make them crispy. All these chemical produce a carcinogenic material called acrylamide, also found in cigarettes.

7. Hydrogenated Oils

All hydrogenated oils are vegetable oils. You cannot extract vegetable oil naturally like butter. It has to be chemically extracted and then processed. Deodorization and coloring are done. These oils have Omega-6 fatty acids in excess. These acids increase the chances of different cancers, especially skin cancer. These oils are also used to preserve processed foods to keep them fresh. Hydrogenated oils influence the structure of cell membranes. That is how cancer cells grow.

8. Pickled, Smoked and Salted Foods

Foods cured by nitrates and / or nitrites act as preservatives and also add color to foods. These chemicals can form other chemical compounds in our bodies like nitroso composites. These compounds are responsible for increasing cancer risks. Like we told you before, smoked foods have tar, like cigarette smoke does. Pickled foods contain a high amount of salt, making them harmful for our body. These foods increase the risk of colon and rectal cancer, along with stomach cancer.

Therefore, before we consume the above-mentioned foods largely and regularly, we should consider our health and refrain from eating these.

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