How to Wear Makeup: The Essentials You Have to Know

Every woman has a specific procedure she uses to put on makeup. However, are you sure that your knowledge of how to wear makeup is completely foolproof? Is there a better way to put on makeup to make you look even better than you do now? Well, let’s find out.

It is almost like every day the market launches some new skincare or beauty product for you to buy and use. You would obviously love to attempt all of them. However, do they fit within your current setup well? That new compact might replace your current brand, or it might not. Is it necessary for you to use foundation as well as a concealer?

Let us look at the ways to wear makeup without worrying if it blends into your face. We will go by product.

Here are 5 Details on How to Wear Makeup You Should Know

How to wear makeup

1. Prepare Your Face

Thoroughly wash your face with a good face wash. You should try a cleanser with those little beads. They help clean your face better than soaps and clear face washes. Rinse with cold water. Pat your face dry.

2. Put on Moisturizer

A vital part of prepping your face is putting on moisturizer. Ideally, you have to choose a moisturizing product that has SPF in it. That way, you would not have to put on your every day sun protection cream after you moisturize your face. You should also put on an eye cream. Those creams are designed for your delicate eye area specifically. Remember that you must apply it before putting on your moisturizer.

Don’t dip your unclean fingers into the cream for hygiene purposes. You should use a cotton swab and scoop out a small amount on your palm. Spread it on your hands and press it all over your face, gently rubbing. Massage it in for 30 seconds. After that, put some more on your neck and the tips of earlobes. Let it dry for a while, but don’t wait too long. If you do that, it will not blend with the makeup. Two or three minutes will do.

3. Primer Time

A primer sets your face up for some great success in makeup. It will create a beautiful facial canvas for you and it also gives durability to your foundation. In case you don’t like to use foundation, the primer will soften down the tone of your skin. It also helps the concealer to stay put and behave like it should, making you entire process to wear makeup easier. Make sure you use a good brand; otherwise, you cannot look your best.

Put some on your palm and warm it up. Massage it all into your face. Cover the entire face and massage down the neck in order to soften up the skin. Use your fingertips to blend it in properly.

4. Foundation

Foundation makes your skin look flawless. Find your perfect color. This is very important if you want to wear makeup perfectly. You have to test the foundation on your skin, preferably jaw line and then check it in daylight.

You have to put it on the right way. Don’t go for the dot-dot-dot process and start the blending. By the moment you reach the last dot, it might get a little bit dry and quite difficult to blend. Instead of that, you should squirt some foundation onto your palm, warm all of it up and blend it in your face using your fingertips or a soft sponge. After that, if you use a sponge, use the dry side of it, buff the foundation into your face.

5. Concealer

Concealer covers up all the dark circles, spots and blemishes on your skin. Here’s a tip- you wouldn’t have to put it in your entire eye area. Maybe you only have dark spots in the inner eye area, so put concealer there instead of spreading all over. Applying concealer is vital if you consider how to wear makeup flawlessly.

You should get two shades, a darker one and a lighter one, and blend them together. This way, you will get a customized camouflage color. Brush a little bit on where you want it and press it gently with your fingertips. Continue like this until the entire area is done.

Now your face is completely ready to wear makeup. We mean all kinds of makeup products like powder, eye makeup and other products.

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