Proven Health Benefits of Honey-You Should Never Miss

A bottle of honey is a treasure chest of concealed medicinal and nutritional value for so many years. The sweet liquid down from the beehive has been a popular staple with antifungal and antibacterial properties. Health benefits of honey are so many that it has been used since ancient times.

This healthy natural sweetener has various nutritional benefits depending on its type. Raw honey is unpasteurized type of commonly used honey. It only differs in density, that helps lengthen its storage time. A tablespoon of this honey has 64 calories, is cholesterol free, sodium free and fat-free.

Let Us Have a Look at Some Health Benefits of Honey Listed Below-

Health Benefits of Honey

1. Boosts Memory

Honey is loaded with antioxidants which might help stop cellular damage and loss in the brain. A spoonful of Malaysian honey every day has a chance of boosting memory on postmenopausal women. it can provide a substitute treatment for the hormone-related intellectual turn down. After a few months of having 20 gm of honey every day, the women are more likely to have elevated short-term memory. Honey has the ability to help our body absorb calcium, which helps to improve brain health. Our brain needs calcium to process thoughts and make decisions. As we get older, the possibility of having dementia due to fewer intakes of minerals and vitamins continues to go higher. Honey can help.

2. Impotency and Sex Boost

First of all, to get rid of this serious problem, you have to quit smoking. Then try honey, as it has so many health benefits. You can also try darker honey to cure this problem. It can be available in the local shops or super markets. Among all the honeys, Manuka honey is very powerful. You can also take honey with toast, oatmeal, and hot tea.

3. Allergy Protection

The anti-bacterial properties of honey reduce the allergy symptoms of your body.  A general theory is that honey works like a natural vaccine to allergies. The small elements of honey, like- pollen, build up the antibodies in your body, so that you can lead a disease free life. It also improves the immune system of your body. So, to avoid all these problems, you have to boil water and add two tablespoon of honey, then mix it and drink it. Try to drink this twice a day.

4. Natural Energy Drink:

Honey proves to be an outstanding source of natural energy at only 17 gm of carbohydrates in every tablespoon. The natural and unprocessed sugar, both glucose and fructose, enter the bloodstream directly and deliver a quick boosting of energy. The rising in blood sugar acts as short-term energy source during your workouts. Take a glass of warm water and add honey to it. take it every morning before you start to work out.

5. Healthy Skin

Honey is a powerful home remedy for your skin as it is fully loaded with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. To make any kind of face pack, you can add honey. Honey mainly moisturizes and nourishes your skin. Try to use raw honey for your skin, because it contains enzymes, vitamins, and minerals which are not available in the refined honey.

6. Provides Many Nutrients

As we all know, honey is mainly considered as a amazing substance. It plays an important role to our daily life. Honey contains lots of minerals and nutrients and also has anti-bacterial properties which will improve healing. It also improves your energy level and health.

7. Reduces Metabolic Stress

Honey is very beneficial to reduce metabolic stress. To get rid of this problem, you have to take honey instead of sugar and it will help you to prevent “spikes” of glucose and insulin. Try to take honey with any kind of food, surely you will get benefited.

8. Good for Heart

Honey is highly rich in different elements including-antioxidants and flavonoids which will keep your heart problem free and prevent the risk of cancer.

Health Benefits of Honey: The Golden Liquid of Unlimited Pros

9. Cough Suppressant

Honey is an all-natural remedy when it comes to irritating colds. An unrelenting cough that wouldn’t go away will easily be cured with a couple teaspoons of honey. Children from the ages of 1 to 5 down with nightly cough due to cold suffered less when they took two teaspoons of honey thirty minutes before bed every night.

Honey has thick consistency that helps coat your throat while its sweet taste triggers nerve endings. This successfully protects the throat from nonstop coughing. Honey is effective, might be even more so than common cough suppressant component dextromethorphan. It could be used to treat upper respiratory tract infection.

10. Sleep Aid

Honey is great as a health aid for sleepless nights. Like sugar, honey could cause insulin rise and discharge serotonin — a neurotransmitter which improves happiness and mood. The body then converts serotonin into melatonin, something that regulates quality and duration sleep. In addition, honey contains numerous amino acids, including tryptophan which is usually associated with turkey. Honey raises insulin steadily, causes tryptophan in honey to go into the brain, where it would then be converted into serotonin. Then it converts into melatonin. It is a sleep aid. This hormone helps your brain with regulating sleeping and waking cycles.

11. Treats Dandruff

Honey brings temporary relief to your scalp by reducing dandruff. Apply honey mixed into warm water to the scalp and leave it on for 3 hours. Then, rinse it out. It will lead to itch relief and less scaling in a week. Skin lesions can be healed into two weeks and you can even see progress in hair loss.

Honey has antifungal and antibacterial properties, it could treat dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis, like we mentioned, which are usually caused by overgrowth of fungus. Furthermore, honey has anti-inflammatory properties as well, which heals redness and itching on your scalp.

12. Treats Burns and Wounds

Honey is some natural antibiotic which can work both externally and internally. It could be used as traditional treatment for burns and wounds by disinfecting sores from different species of bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Honey is being used for its medicinal purposes for over two centuries and continues a legacy as multipurpose health aid for everyone.

We are very lucky that honey has so many health benefits and uses. So consider all these health benefits of honey and add it to your everyday diet in some healthy way. Happy honey being!

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