How to Sleep Better Every Night for Health

According to a new research which was published in the Wall Street Journal, sleep deprivation of just fifteen to twenty drastically affects your performance – physical as well as mental for the next day. This is a common scenario today as we are getting less sleep, and, it has ideally become a root for many health complications. To begin with, we will try to assess how to sleep better to stay rejuvenated for work and for love.

The following points will help you understand how sleep can affect your body; what is the importance of sleep and finally how sleep ties your health, beauty and body together.

Here are Top 7 Most Effective Ways to Sleep Better

Most Effective Ways to Sleep Better

1. High Time for Bedtime

For many, waking up early and going late to bed is a major reason to why they lack sleep. Therefore, you should fix a time to when you sleep and wake up. We are always accustomed to certain habits in our lives and we can also develop a habit quickly too. You can try sleeping for certain hours out of the 24 hours of one whole day and night.

It is best if you try taking less time to fall asleep.  Many people have this certain problem where they are lying on the bed, but cannot sleep, they keep turning side-to-side on the bed, but they still cannot fall asleep. If you are facing such a problem, try to reduce the time of you taking to fall asleep. Stick with a new timing and relax.

There is no need to be awake for a lengthy period if your chores are over for the day. Tell yourself that you will go to bed by a certain time and prepare yourself to follow that. Also, fix the time when you shall wake up. It is best to use an alarm clock for this. Sometimes, we tend to spend more time in the bed after waking up, it is best to avoid that. Once you are awake in the morning, get up straight away and freshen up.

2. Atmosphere to Tranquilize

Your bedroom should have the ambience that will actually make you feel at ease to sleep more easily. You can do one thing: you can browse to YouTube and search for “Soft Ambient Music for Sleeping”; you will find numerous playlists that are constructive to you. Moreover, the room can be dimly lit, with the curtains drained shut and coolly air-conditioned.

You can try practicing breathing exercises or meditate while lying straight on the bed every day. This is actually beneficial and helps you to sleep more peacefully and quickly. Sending your brain to “sleep mode” before even actually falling asleep will greatly benefit you. As through sleeping, you will be able to recharge your body and when you wake up in the morning, you will feel that the sleep was a very helpful one. Learn to ease and lose yourself in the ambience of your room.

3. Changes of Importance

The practices that you start doing to sleep better, never miss or forgo it for even once. More importantly, try to follow this even on your weekends. Weekends are supposed to be when you relax and to relax feeling good will actually have positive effects on your body. If the constant is actually persistent in your life, then you will rest better at night. Priests of the past used to say that one should be before the sun rises as that time, the surrounding is best for both the brain and the body.

Moreover, you should also check your diet as different food has different effects on your sleep. It is best not to go to bed with a completely unfilled or chock-full stomach. Make sure you eat your dinner or supper at such a neither time that you don’t feel full nor feel famished when you are in bed.

4. Manage Exposure to Light

Melatonin is a natural hormone caused by sunlight exposure which helps regulate your sleeping cycle. Your brain gives more melatonin in dark, making you drowsy. But many aspects of current life can change your body’s melatonin production and shift your cycle. You can follow these directions to keep your sleeping cycle on track.


  • Expose your body to sunlight every morning. The earlier you can get up, the better it is. Have your morning tea outside or eat breakfast by the sunny window. The sunlight will help you wake fully.
  • Let natural light enter your room or workstation as much as possible. Keep the curtains open. If you can place your workstation by the window.
  • During the night, try to avoid bright displays before 2 hours of bedtime. The light emitted by your TV, computer, phone or tablet is very disruptive.
  • Say goodbye to late-night television shows. The light from TVs suppresses melatonin. Also, many programs are nerve stimulating rather than relaxing. Try to listen to music or audio books.
  • When it’s time for you to sleep, make sure that the room is dark enough. Use curtains or shades to obstruct light through windows or wear a sleep mask. You should also cover up electronics which emit light.

5. Avoid Harmful Products to Sleep Better

Do not ingest any caffeine-rich products like coffee or tea during or after dinner time, as caffeine tends to keep you awake, it is best to avoid it in the evening for your sleep. What you can try to do is to drink something warm like a glass of milk or almond milk before going to bed. Water intake is something that you should be aware of too; drink water at least half to an hour before going to bed, because if your kidney stays “too” active then your sleep will be disrupted during the night because of your bladder.

Besides this, eat food rich in tryptophan. It initiates the production of serotonin – a secretion of the body that helps us to rest. Foods like yoghurt, Soya or kidney beans, fishes like tuna contain this. Also, avoid any sort of spicy food as it will tend to disrupt your digestive system.

6. Exercise Vigorously During the Day

People exercising regularly sleep better. They also feel less drowsy throughout the day. Habitual exercise improves insomnia and sleep apnea symptoms as well. Exercising increases the quantity of time you sleep deeply and restoratively.

The more briskly you exercise, the more dominant the sleep benefit will be. But light exercise like walking for half an hour every a day will greatly improve sleep quality.

It can take a few months of regular exercise before you can experience the sound sleep effects. You have to be patient and concentrate on maintaining one exercise routine.

For better sleeping habit, always do your exercise on the right time. Try to do your medium to vigorous workout sessions at least a couple hours before going to bed. If you still experience sleeping troubles, shift your workout routine even earlier by two more hours. Remember, you don’t always have to lift weights and do pushups. Some relaxing and low-impact exercise routines such as gentle stretching or yoga every evening can help you sleep better.

7. Freshen Up to Sleep Better

Also, do not spend time on your phone or the TV or your laptop when it is actually your routine time to go to sleep. If you are really suffering from sleep deprivation or having a problem, consult a doctor so that you can get prescribed drugs to help you sleep but know about the adverse effect that it might have. You can sleep better and it just needs a few little conversions.

Some Great Tips for Having a Good Sleep At a Glance

  • Turn the lights off as soon as possible
  • Avoid sitting before a TV or PC before going to sleep
  • Try changing exaggerated lifestyle of partying too much
  • Have a healthy eating habit
  • Avoid anything which may cause allergy
  • Take physical exercise regularly
  • Avoid smoking and drinking
  • Drink sufficient water
  • Try to have a noise free atmosphere
  • If you live in high-temperature areas, then keep your room at moderate temperature

How Sleep Ties Your Health And Body Together

Body and mind are connected to one another. Food is required to keep the body running and sleep is required to keep the mind running. So, sleep plays a vital role in good health. In fact, sleep ties your health and body together. If you have enough sleep your mind will be fresh and your body will up and running. In order to determine how sleep ties health and body together, it is important to know about the importance of sleep and how it benefits the body.

1. Better Health

Researchers have found that sleep is very important for health as well as body. Insufficient sleep can cause serious health problems. There is a link between sleep and health. Having proper sleep helps you to keep a healthy body. Sleep makes the mind fresh and your mind helps to keep the body fit. This leads you to a better health. This is how sleep ties your health and body together.

2. Improves Your Memory

A nice, good night’s sleep can improve your memory. Your mind remains busy while you sleep. It strengthens your memories, practices your skills that you have learned while you were awake. In this consolidation process, your mind helps the body to be comfortable with these tasks. This makes the concept clear that sleep helps your mind to remember everything that you have learned and your body performs them.

3. Let You Live Longer By Giving Immunity

Your lifespan is connected to how much sleep you take. Too much or less sleep than natural can make your lifespan shorter. This is why you should take enough sleep. It will help you to live longer and increase your immunity. Sleep helps to connect health and body together and this is how it ties them.

4. Affects Inflammation

Studies found that sleep is connected to the blood circulation. If you take enough sleep you will have higher blood levels of inflammatory proteins. This also keeps your body healthy and prevents diseases. By improving blood pressure and inflammation, sleep ties health and body together.

5. Reduce Pain & Recovers From Injury

Sleep helps to recover from any kind of injury. You can recover yourself by sleeping properly. Besides that, you can get well soon from illness by sleeping. It also makes the pain less. If you are in pain, it will be hard for you to sleep properly. There is a link between sleep loss and lower pain. This is why having a proper sleep is a kind of medication for pain.

6. Sleep Can Sharpen Your Attention And Creativity

Sleeping properly can sharpen your attention. Studies say that you can be more attentive if you have enough sleep. Attention and sleep are connected. If you are sleepy, you will lose attention. Besides that, you can increase your creativity by sleeping properly.

7. Weight Control

Sleep ties health and body by controlling weight. You can control your weight by having enough sleep. If you have less sleep, you will face weight gain. It all depends on behavior. When you are tired, you won’t have the energy to do work such as jogging, cooking healthy food, etc. If you don’t have enough sleep you leptin levels drop and this helps to crave high fat into your body.

8. Lowers Stress

Sleep helps you to lower your stress level and it helps you to have good health. Stress is always a constant in having a proper health and body. You cannot do any kind of work if you are having stress. It also hampers your daily activity and success rate.

9. Avoid Unexpected Injuries

You can avoid unexpected injuries if you have enough sleep. Less sleep can lead you to an accident, car crash or other kinds of injuries. So sleep can help to avoid injuries and keep your body healthy.

10. Clear Thinking And Better Mood

Having enough sleep can provide clear thinking and better mood. You can have a better mood to work out and interest in making your body healthy.

Importance of Sleep: How Sleep Increases Your Beauty

Scientifically it is proven that sleep heals most the decays of our body automatically. A good sleep just relieves our stress, whereas a bad sleep makes us more tired. If you do not get enough sleep at night, in the morning you will find yourself with a dizzy face and lusterless skin.

This has been proven in the laboratory at the SUNY Downstate Medical Centre. Jessica Krant, MD, MPH, assistant clinical professor of the SUNY Downstate Medical Centre said that poor sleep leads to increased stress hormones in the human body that augment the severity of itching skin situations such as pimples. This can be an upshot in increased itching, which can interrupt sleep.

The cycle of bad skin condition and bad sleep continue and increase day by day. On the contrary, skin conditions and sleep superiority can also be improved jointly. Some of the results of not having enough sleep are:

1. Early Signs of Aging

Sleeplessness and beauty cannot go hand in hand. When you sleep, the growth of hormone of your body gets higher and which start to recover your decayed or dead cells. Without having deep sleep, this cannot take place. Rather your body allows the accumulation of the cells breakdown which was to be mended. But things start to take place in the opposite direction which results in more visible signs of aging.

2. Immune Related Skin Problems Get Worse by Less Sleep

Increased irritation on the body jerks off the body’s capability to control the immune system, which promotes not only getting sick more frequent but also to flames of immune-related skin problems like psoriasis and eczema. Psoriasis is not only a skin disease but also a sign of body irritation. Even severe psoriasis increases the risk of having a heart attack.

3. Inadequate Sleep Worsens Your Present Skin Condition

The more inflammatory response you have, the more you are prone to more acne breakouts, the skin sensitivity, the more allergic contact dermatitis reactions and the more irritant dermatitis. To prevent all of these, make sure you are having adequate sleep.

4. Skin Loses Elasticity

The collagen breaks more if you have increased inflammatory cells in the body. This thing also affects hyaluronic acid and molecules which are attributed for the gloss in the skin, luminousness and bounce.

5. Skin Dryness

The hydration process takes place in your body when we sleep. Skin becomes able to get better moisture, while the surplus water as a general rule in the body proceeds for removal. Not getting sufficient sleep results in meager water balance, leading to inflated bags under the eyes and under the eye circles, as well as aridity and more noticeable wrinkles.

6. Weight Gain

Sleep also aids to weight controlling, which in return provides the proper elasticity of the skin. You will feel less hungry if you have enough sleep at night. It is quite obvious if you do not sleep for long hours your body needs extra energy. For that extra energy to have, you need to turn to various food items which are additional for your metabolism.

Now, as you can see, sleep has a great importance and wide range of benefits that can affect your health, beauty and body. This is how sleep ties your health and body together. So, what you should do? Yes, you have to sleep enough in order to stay healthy and efficient.

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