7 Effective Tips On How to Quit Smoking for Good

According to statistics presented by the WHO, there are about a billion smokers in the world. In fact, the trend of the increase in smokers is so drastic that it is assumed by 2030, smoking shall be the cause of death in 1 of every 6 people. Teemed as a symbol of sophistication in the early and late 20th Century, it now has grasped this generation, so badly that teenagers aged 13-15 have smoke or start to smoke every day. Almost every people think that quitting smoking is not so easy. But we assure that you can easily get rid of this bad habit with our following tips on how to quit smoking. So, How can you quit? Can nicotine tolerance be dismissed?. Keep on reading.

How to Quit Smoking for Good: 7 Easy and Effective Tips

How to quit smoking

1. Small Habits to Make

To begin with, smoking is more a psychological inclination rather than physical, it is your brain which sends out the impulse to smoke and then you crave it. Smoking for many can be something that one “must” do every day and to rid of this “want”, the first thing you need to do is to make a list of how many and when do you smoke every day.

Psychologically grooming yourself is deemed important to get success in anything that you want and, therefore, you must ask yourself these questions: Why do you smoke? Do you really want to quit?

2. Involve Your Family

Plan out in such a way that once it commences you can easily rid of it. Start off with a date, a specified day on the calendar on which you plan to actually stop smoking. If you have friends and family members who know that you smoke and want you to stop doing it, then take their help. Tell them about your plan and ask them to assist you.

3. Little Change in Workplace

Indulge in various activity or chore in the time that you used to smoke before. A good thing to be aware of is that this activity should not be something that will be harmful to you in the long run. Moreover, it is high time to clean your home of anything that might make you go back to the old habit. If needed, change the appearance and the atmosphere of your house or workplace. Does the place that you hangout every weekend promote your craving to smoke? If so, then you should think of an alternative place to hangout.

Also, there are over-the-counter medication for enthusiasts who want to quit smoking. A better idea would be, that I will suggest, is that you consult your doctor about your condition and he can help you more promptly.

4. Join the Communities and Groups

Although quitting can be a tedious task for anyone irrespective of their age or gender but many think heavy smokers are at a more difficulty than those who smoke less. Similarly, women who smoke risk losing their natural beauty – wrinkles appear more quickly and their fertility also declines. Surveyors have found that most smokers commented that they smoke or have started it because of problems at home or in their life due to academic or work or relationship pressures. Even a handful of answers came which said that they do it because they just like it.

Conversely, any type of problem or pressure or stress can be rid of through alternate means. You can try music- a new instrument to play, relaxation methods like meditation or yoga. These have been gizmo to rid many ailments and bad habits. Join in group discussions that promote the cause of quitting smoking.

5. Tolerating the Nicotine Craving

Nicotine craving is hard to tolerate for many and smokers find it difficult to call it quits. The trick is to not let this stimulant stimulate you to smoke ever again. Change to your daily routine can be made to make sure that you don’t falter to it again.

You can try drinking low-calorie drinks to rid yourself of the sensation. The best thing is to distract yourself – whenever you feel the craving, do something else to get your mind off the thought of smoking. Many smokers do not have a proper diet that actually benefits them, and, therefore, you can try eating food, food that actually helps you to stay fit.

6. Try Exercising

Have you tried exercising yet? Many people who have quit smoking have said that exercising helps and it also helps to build your lost stamina due to smoking. Fluid intake should be regulated to help you quit, you should drink plenty of water every day. Water tends to dilute the stimulant or the chemical transmitters that cause the crave to smoke.

Do chores at your home or indulge in any outdoor activity. Many gamers say that playing games on the computer or the internet tends you to keep away from any distraction or retention to smoke.

7. Challenge Yourself

What else you can do to quit smoking? The best you can do is to challenge yourself! This is one of the most effective ways by which you can transform your mind into one single goal- you got to quit smoking as soon as possible. You have to make a pledge with yourself that you are going to take actions from today. Trust yourself that you are going to make it. You can do it!

So where are you now in this challenge? Have you already started? Or you are going start today? What have you done so far to quit smoking? Do you have any special plan for that? Please feel free to share your ideas, plans and tips here in the comment section.

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