Irritable Bowel Syndrome Foods to Avoid

A healthy diet consists of a wide range of nutrition, low-fat in moderation. However, it is noticeable that an influx in your symptoms after eating certain food if you going with irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. IBS symptoms can vary between patients; list of off-limit foods is not available. However, if you are able to avoid some of the most familiar culprits of IBS symptoms, you would notice better regularity as well as less bloating and cramps. To lead a healthy and relaxed life, some foods have to be avoided by IBS sufferers. So you have to go with the giving list of foods that you have to avoid.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Foods to Avoid: Tips for Managing Your Food Choices

Irritable bowel syndrome foods to avoid


1. Ice Cream

Like milk, ice cream can also causes some harmful stomach problems for the IBS sufferers. It mainly prepares by milk and dairy which creates an upset stomach and for that you have to suffer a lot. This is also harmful for those who have lactose intolerance.

2. Meat and Dairy

Fatty meats, processed meats, dairy pasteurized milk  can be replaced with raw milk and cheese and some meat from that  livestock with grass feeding without antibiotics and growth hormones.

3. Broccoli

Broccoli is not good at all for the IBS sufferers. It is highly rich in fiber which creates gas pain and bloating. So avoid these kinds of health problems, you have to eliminate broccoli from your diet chart. If you really love broccoli or can’t live without it then you can steam it first and then it.

4. Green Peppers

Green Peppers are very harmful for the IBS Sufferers. It is very tough to digest. It may create the same  symptoms of excessive gas pain, abdominal cramping and discomfort in the lower abdomen and ultimately  causes diarrhea, hard and loose (explosive) bowel movements after consuming red or green peppers.

5. Load Up on Water

Six to eight glasses of water a day very effectively will replenish your body if you’re dealing with diarrhea and coping with constipation. Either way, drinking enough water is worthwhile.

6. Cabbage

Cabbages (broccoli and cauliflower) are very dangerous for those who have irritable bowel syndrome.  Cabbages not only cause gas but can lead to painful stomach troubles.

7. Butter

Fatty foods are greatly responsible for Irritable bowel syndrome. If your dish is with lots of butte, it will ultimately create lots of problems and enhance the symptoms of IBS. If your vegetables are cooked with butter, it would be a double danger dish.

8. Beans

As we all know that beans are highly reached in fiber and protein and it’s a very nutritious but it’s very harmful for the IBS Sufferers because it leads to bloating. For your betterment, you should avoid fresh and dried beans.

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9. Coffee

Morning coffee for regularity has a stimulating effect on the intestines that can increase diarrhea. Coffee and other beverages that contain caffeine has to be controlled for people with IBS. If you are in a hurry, eat a small snack for a quick walk.

10. Cauliflower

Broccoli and cauliflower are trigger foods as well as gas-inducing foods.  Cauliflower can replace with rice and potatoes of course brown rice as a healthy option that is bloat-free. Alternately, you can take steamed broccoli or cauliflower and by this you can still get adequate veggie intake without problematic IBS symptoms.

11. Alcohol

Alcohol intensifies the gut problem and mainly avoided from the IBS diet chart. It contains high sugar which very harmful for IBS Patient and health. So, Alcohol must be avoided.

12. Lentils

Lentils can be difficult to digest. They are also gas-inducing food. The people with IBS, lentils can cause inflammation, stomach pain, and discomfort. However, this problem differs from IBS sufferers to sufferers.

13. Fruits

There are some fruits that you should avoid for your betterment and also to get rid from IBS. The name of those fruits are- apricots, peaches, cherries, nectarines, pears, apples, blackberries, cherries, watermelon and mangoes.

14. Beans

As we all know that beans are highly reached in fiber and protein and it’s a very nutritious but it’s very harmful for the IBS Sufferers because it leads to bloating. For your betterment, you should avoid fresh and dried beans.

15. Corn

Corn contains both fiber and sugar.  This type of vegetable is to be eliminated for painful bloating. If it is difficult for you, you can try the higher processed corn products, like creamed corn.

Besides the above useful suggestions, you can go with the prescription of a doctor if your problem is acute. Actually, if your problem is not acute, you can only go with these remedies properly and regularly. Undoubtedly these remedies are easier and work better.

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