How to Stop Vomiting: 8 immediate Remedies

Vomiting is an unpleasant experience. When it happens, you just barf up everything that is inside your belly. The feeling that you might do this, but you don’t, is called Nausea. It can happen to anyone, to a child, to an adult, even to an old person. It often happens to pregnant women and people who are having cancer treatment.

Vomiting occurs for several reasons. A chronic or long-term stomach problem can be the reason for vomiting. But, usually it occurs because of overeating and an upset stomach. When nausea starts to tickle, and you start throwing up, you need to know how to stop vomiting.

Other reasons that cause vomiting are:

  • Severe sickness
  • High fever
  • Chronic diseases
  • Coughing
  • Lifestyle
  • Eating disorders
  • Food poisonings.

So, How To Stop Vomiting? Here We Suggest 8 Immediate Remedies To Stop Vomiting.

How to Stop Vomiting

1. Drink Some Cold Water:

When you feel nauseated or when you feel you are about to vomit, drink some cold water. It helps immediately. But make sure you don’t drink too much. Drinking too much water might make you throw up or vomit even harder. You can also try ice cubes. Try to melt ice cube in your mouth and let the cold water drizzle down to your belly. It’s an easy way to stop vomiting.

2. Try To Drink Some Other Fluid:

As you feel nausea or even if you vomit, try to stick with fresh liquids. It helps prevent vomiting at its earliest. Fresh liquids that you can drink are tea (weak, not strong), soft and cold drinks, juices etc. Avoid liquids that contain caffeine or a high amount of acid. Avoid alcohol as well.

3. Have Some Mint Or Chewing Gum:

Try some mint to settle your stomach. A very easy remedy for vomiting is to chew some mint or mint flavored gum. You can also have any of your favorite gums to chew. The minerals of the gum can stop vomiting to some extent.

4. Just Relax:

There is nothing to worry about. Vomiting is not a disease. It’s just a temporary trouble. You just need to get rid of it as quickly as possible. So relax. If you are inside your living room, go out and have some fresh air. Stay calm. Don’t take any stress. Just walk around your place to feel better. Fresh air soothes your body and stomach. You can also try to lie down a bit, keeping your legs lifted up on a higher position. Take a deep breath and loosen up. This will help you stop vomiting.

5. Avoid Spicy Food For A While:

Having spicy food may increase your fit of vomiting. Try to avoid those for a while. Not only spicy but also acidic and fatty food should be avoided. If you are having diarrhea along with nausea, avoid dairy foods as well. Avoid hot foods. All these foods increase the chance of vomiting. So avoid these.

6. Try Some Ginger:

Ginger is considered as a natural anti-emetic. It prevents vomiting. Take some pieces of ginger and make ginger juice. Then take some lemon. Get the juice out of lemon as well. Have a teaspoon of each of these juices. Drink this regularly. You can also use the ginger in your regular morning tea. Have some ginger tea. It helps a lot to stop vomiting as well.

7. Cumin Coming To Rescue:

One of the best remedies for vomiting is cumin. It stimulates the enzymes and prevents vomiting. Cumin is best for those who have digesting problems. And digesting problems often leads to vomiting. You can drink it with water or mix the cumin powder with honey.

If you want to drink it with water, take some warm water, mix one-half teaspoon of cumin seeds with the water and drink it.

One other way of having cumin seeds is to mix it with some cardamom powder. Then take a teaspoon of honey. Mix the powder with the honey and drink it.

8. Have Some Crackers:

Another very easy remedy of vomiting is to have crackers. Yes, it’s available and very effective remedy for vomiting. Have some crackers to crack down your nausea or vomiting problem.

These are the immediate remedies for vomiting. It’s nothing serious, so don’t get nervous at it. If you still can’t help vomiting then we suggest you to see a doctor immediately.

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