How to Reduce Eye Strain: Reasons, Symptoms and Steps to Reduce Eye Strain

The eye is the most sensitive part of our body. Eye strain is a common problem among us. There are various reasons for this annoying problem. Some common reasons are-

  1. Lack of sleep
  2. Overwork
  3. Staring at the screens of devices for too long
  4. Exposure to very bright light
  5. Reading or writing under low light etc.

Now that we know the reasons this happens, how to reduce eye strain?

It’s not a very comfortable situation when your eyes are at stress. The symptoms are very simple to understand that your eyes are having trouble. These are:

  1. Having discomfort looking at something
  2. Having difficulties to focus
  3. Burning and itching eyes
  4. Redness
  5. Dripping water from eyes
  6. Blurred vision
  7. Double vision
  8. Having sensitivity to light

Eye strain also causes headaches, neck pain and pain on the shoulders. So, what to do when you are having some of these or all of these problems?

Check out These 8 Easy Solutions to Reduce Your Eye Strain

How to Reduce Eye Strain

1. Give Some Rest to Your Eyes

Whenever your eyes are at stress, shut them for a couple of minutes. Then look at something else, if you’ve been staring at your computer monitor or phone. Try to look out of your window or at something a long distance away. This will stretch the muscle of your eyes and you’ll feel relaxed. You can also put your fingers on your closed eyes and massage gently for 30 seconds or more. This will reduce your eye strain.

2. Splash Some Cold Water

To relieve your eyes from strain, give them a splash of cold water. It will increase the blood circulation of your eyes. Just close your eyes and spatter cold water on your face. Then take a soft towel and place it on your face. Keep the eyes covered with the towel. Keep it for 1 or 2 minutes. Do it every day if possible.

3. Take Frequent Breaks

If you work in front of the computer monitor, take frequent breaks. Get up, walk after every 15-20 minutes. It will not only keep your eyes stress free but it will also revitalize you. It’s a good practice to make your body stress free as well. This is also an easy answer to the question- how to reduce eye strain.

4. Adjust Light

Eye stress basically occurs for inadequate or excessive lighting. Our eyes are sensitive to light. Though it can take much or less light, eventually it gets stressed. So, proper light is very important to keep your eyes safe and stress-free. Adjust the lights of your home, office or both. Keep enough amount of light, not too much, not too less, to keep your vision stress free and clear. So, by adjusting lights at your home and office, you can reduce eye strain.

5. Exercises For Your Eyes

Eye exercises are very helpful for removing stress. By doing some simple exercises daily, you can keep your eyes relaxed and comfortable. It also helps to increase concentration and improves blood circulation. These are very easy and effective exercises-

  • Hold a pen or pencil at your arm’s length and try to focus on the object you are holding.
  • Bring it closer to your eyes. Then back at arms length again.
  • Then, hold it a bit closer than arms length. Start circling it round and round in front of your eyes clockwise.
  • Then try it anticlockwise.
  • Try to do it after every few hours.

 6. Is your Brightness too Bright

Another thing is the brightness of your computer or phone; it is the most common cause of eye irritation today. So, make sure those are not harming your eyes. Keep the brightness at a minimum level. This practice of keeping the brightness of your devices low will reduce your eye strain.7. Try palming your eyes:

7. Try Palming Your Eyes

You can also try palming, which is simple and easy to do. Just rub your hands together and make it a bit warm, then, put your hands on your closed eyes. This will help to reduce eye strain.

8. Get Your Eyes Checked

If these practices are not doing well to your eyes and you are still having problems, we suggest you to examine your eyes by an eye specialist as early as possible.

Even if there is no problem with your eyes, examine your eyes after a certain period of time. Have a routine checkup. It can be after every six months if you want or at least do this once a year.

Your eyes are the most precious parts of your body. Take good care of them.

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