How to Improve Eyesight Naturally and Take Care of Eyes

Eyes-the gems, the pearls or whatever you say, it would be the least symbolic name for them. These are the most important organs of your body. Besides, more than any other organ, you are using your eyes to stare at small typed words and images on computer screens, televisions and cell phones. This often leads to visual fatigue and it increases your eye problems. You will now ask how to improve eyesight and lessen these problems?

There are many reasons behind the loss of eyesight and for that; you have to face so many difficulties in your life. Therefore, we have suggested some of the most important but not very difficult remedies to improve your eyesight-

How to Improve Eyesight: Most Effective Tips From Experts

How to improve eyesight

1. Foods that Lead to Good Vision:

Protecting and improving your eyesight, you should eat the following foods to help give you a good eyesight:

  • Oranges and citrus fruits or juices.
  • Green vegetables like kale, collards, spinach.
  • Salmon, tuna and other little and oily fishes.
  • Nuts, beans, eggs and other non-meat protein sources.

2. Sugar-coated Foods:

Sugar is not good for the eyes. The more sugar you take, the worse your eyesight will be. Sugar affects the eyes, causing high levels of insulin in the blood. This can lead to different disorders, such as diabetic retinopathy. This can eventually cause blindness. So, keep yourself from taking more sugar to protect your eyesight.

3. Blinking Exercises:

Blinking is the simplest exercise to keep your eyes healthy. Blinking continuously for some time increases the focusing ability. While you are using a computer or watching television, you probably blink less than other activities. This happens because of focusing too much on the screen. This concentration and focusing make your vision narrower. When you blink, your eyes get into darkness for some moments and this helps them to freshen up and discharge any hanging information.

When you blink, your eyes get into darkness for some moments and this helps them to freshen up and discharge any hanging information. After this, your eyes will be ready for the next information. This also reduces your eye strain.

Every day, try to blink for 2 minutes taking 3 to 4-second intervals after every 30 seconds of blinking.

4. Palming a Simple Exercise:

This exercise particularly helps to relieve stress. You also relax your eyes by performing this exercise.

Relax and take some deep breathes. Then sit comfortably and lean forward. Use your elbow to rest on your knees and close your eyes. Use your palms to cover your eyes. Make sure that you can blink freely inside your palm without giving much pressure. Now keep your fingers on your forehead and repeat the process.

Palming helps you to rest your mind and eyes for some time. After performing the exercise repeatedly for some time, you will surely recognize a better and stress-free vision.

5. The Figure Eight Exercise:

Performing this exercise, you can increase the flexibility of your eye muscles.

Relax and imagine a figure of eight just in front of you. You can imagine increasing the distance between you and eight to 10 feet. Now turn it on its side and trace the figure with your eyes. Do it slowly for several minutes. Try turning the eight on the other side and do it again.

6. Near and Far Focusing:

This is also a simple exercise which you can be performed anywhere.

  • Sit comfortably in a relaxing position.
  • Put your thumb in front of you and focus on it.
  • Now place your focus on some other object which is in front of you within 10 to 20 feet range.
  • While taking deep breaths, switch focusing between your thumb and the object.

7. Up, Down and From Side to Side:

Sit comfortably and imagine a clock in front of you. Now focus on the clock and move your eyes from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock. Do this 15 times. Now move your eyes from 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock. Again, do this 15 times. Rest and repeat.

Overall, it will take only 20 minutes to perform all the 7 exercises. Plus, you don’t need any exercising instrument or tool for it. So, ditch spectacles and have healthy eyesight.

8. Hyaluronic Acid:

The levels of hyaluronic acid naturally decline in the body with age. This acid is useful for your eyes because almost all the fluid of the eyes are made up of Hyaluronic acid. Studies have shown that by taking 100-200 mg Hyaluronic per day, you can improve your eyesight.

9. Disciplined and Balanced Diet:

A disciplined and balanced diet helps you to maintain a healthy weight, which protects you from getting obesity-related diseases such as diabetes. Diabetes is the main cause of blindness. So, to improve your eyesight, go with a carefully disciplined and balanced diet and try to maintain the balanced diet.

10. Take Bilberry Extract:

Bilberry is one of the best herbs for improving your eyesight and you will start noticing results within a month. You will find it in super shops. It improves blood circulation in the eyeballs and acts as an antioxidant which protects the eyes from free radical damage.

11. Quit Smoking:

Smoking leads you directly towards trouble like eye cataracts, optic nerve damage and other problems. So, don’t waste your health and quit smoking in order to improve your eyesight.

12. Wear Sunglasses:

The right kind of sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Sunglasses can block 99% to 100% of both UVA rays and UVB rays and thus help you a lot to improve your eyesight.

13. Head Hanging or Nodding Head 100 Times a Day:

Hang your head upside down for a few minutes each day. It will increase the flow of blood to the head and face region. This process will help you a lot to improve your eyesight. But don’t overdo it otherwise you will feel dizzy.

To improve your eyesight, exercise your neck by nodding your head. For best results, you can do up to 100 nods per day.

14. Other Effective Eyesight Improving Exercise:

To improve your eyesight, you need to do some specific exercises. Those are-

  • Rotation of Eye Balls: This exercise helps to improve the blood flow near your eyes by increasing oxygen level and improve your vision. It also increases the flexibility of eye muscles. While looking up, start rolling your eyes in a clockwise direction ten times and again roll them in anticlockwise direction for ten times too.
  • Zooming: To perform zooming, sit comfortably and stretch your arms. Now put your thumb in the hitchhike position and focus on it. Bring your thumb closer while focusing and stop at 3 inches in front of you. Again move your thumb as far as you can. Continue doing this for a few minutes and don’t forget to focus.
  • Mini-Naps: Mini-Naps are good exercise for your eyes. Mini-naps with your head backward, eye closed and relaxing for about 3 minutes or more than 4 minutes can be very helpful too for improving your eyesight.

Besides the above remedies, you can go with many more steps such as- after coming from pollution and smoky surroundings; you should wash your eyes immediately as soon as possible. Moreover, you should wash your eyes at least 5 to 6 times a day with fresh water. Sometimes if you like, you can take red and yellow fruits like carrots and bananas and meat protein like liver.

Unfortunately, loss of eyesight is a very serious problem and if nothing you do helps, consult a doctor without wasting time. Never take any medicine without consulting an eye specialist.

Last but not the least try to maintain the eye health routine because the more you are dedicated to improve and preserve your eyesight, the more you should live a healthy and disciplined life.

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