How to Get Water Out of Ears After Swimming or Bath

There is hardly anyone who has never faced the trouble of water in the ears. It’s a common occurrence in our daily life. Mostly while swimming or bathing some water, without permission, will get into ears. That is very troublesome.

It’s way too unpleasant an experience. Our ears have a coat of wax, which prevents water from going directly inside our ear. But, when the flow of water is very sudden or flows in an unusual manner, some water get the chance to visit our ears.

It causes pain and reduces the listening ability for a certain period of time. It also causes irritation, eardrum inflammation or even infection in your ears. So, it’s better to remove the water from your eardrum as quickly as possible. But how to get water out of ears?

How to Get Water out of Ears

How to Get Water Out of Ears Easily and Without Any Problem?

Removing water from your ear is really a simple matter. If you don’t have any idea about how to get water out of inner ear, just follow our tips and take good care of your ears.

1. Use the Gravity

  • The first thing you can do is to use the gravity to get water out of your ears. It’s the classic remedy of this problem.
  • Just tilt your head towards the ground, at the side you want the water to get out.
  • Use your hand as a vacuum machine. Hold the affected ear with your hand. Keep it covered for a while and then release.
  • Then, use your other hand to hit your head from the opposite direction. You could jump while doing so. It will drain your water out of your ear.
  • Or, simply lie down on your side, facing your ear down. You can use a pillow or a cushion to drain out the water. Let gravity do the rest of the job for you.

2. Heat it Up

  • Hit the heat and let the water in your ear dry out. Applying some heat can take the water out.
  • Take some hot water and a cloth. Put the cloth into the water and rinse away extra water.
  • Put the cloth in the affected ear for 30 seconds.
  • Now wait for a minute and then repeat the previous process.
  • Continue doing the same thing for 4 or 5 times.
  • Lie down on the side you want the water out. The water will smoothly come out.

3. Pretend to Chew

Chewing therapy works very well. It’s simple and easy to get water out of ears.

  • Pretend that you are chewing something. Just make sure your jaws at the ear side are moving while chewing.
  • Tilt your head other side of the affected ear, then quickly move it in the opposite direction.
  • Keep chewing while doing the same for 4-5 times.

4. The Steam Therapy

It’s like the heat therapy with a significant difference. Here, you need to use the steam of boiled water to remove the water in your ear. It’s easy and simple way to get water out of ears.

  • Just take a bowl of hot boiled water.
  • Take a towel and cover up your head.
  • Place your ear downwards so that the steam may enter your ear.
  • After some time, the water will flow out of your ear.

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5. The Rubbing Solution

By rubbing vinegar and alcohol you can bring out the unwanted, irritating water out of your ears. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Take some vinegar and alcohol.
  • Take one teaspoon of each, and then mix these together.
  • Use a dropper to put 2 or 3 drops of the mixture inside your affected ear.
  • Rub the outside portion of your ear very gently.
  • Wait for 30 seconds and then tilt your head down to let the water out.

The mixture makes the ear canal clear for the water to get out. Sometimes the wax in your ears causes a blockade, which prevents the water from coming out of your ear. This technique will help you to get water out of ears.

6. Add More Water to Ear and Tilt Your Head Towards the Ground

It is very easy to do. Whenever you will face this problem, try to do it first.  Add more water to your ear and after that, you have to lie down with facing skyward. Let someone  add few drops of water and revolve to the opposite direction. Then you can get rid of this problematic situation.

You Might Follow Some Another Useful Tips to Get Water Out of Ears

7. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a colorless and strong liquid which plays an important role to get water out of your ears. There are many remedies, but it is very useful among them. Most of the time the swimmers face this problem and it works as a preventive measure for them. Hydrogen peroxide removes ear wax which baits water in your ear. The solution of hydrogen peroxide will protect you from this problem.

8. Olive Oil

Olive oil can be considered as an effective remedy to get water out of your ears. It is fully loaded with anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties which prevent ear infection and also reduces the pain. All you have to do take 2 spoons of olive oil and slightly warm them. Let it  be cool. Then pour few drops of olive oil with the help of a dropper in your ear. Surely you will get benefited.

9. Apply OTC Eardrop

OTC eardrop is another great remedy to get water out of ears. This ear drop is readily available in the pharmacy or any kind of supermarket. This eardrop highly contained alcohol which can cure this problem. Use 2-3 drops of eardrop in your affected ear and it will be best if you take someone else’s help.

10. Shake That Head

Most easy way to get water out of your ear is “Shake your head”. Whenever you will face this problem, try to shake your head as much as possible. Sometimes shaking your head push out the water from affected ear. If shaking is not enough to get water out of ear, You can jump.

11. Baby Oil or Glycerin

Baby oil or Glycerin both is very effective to get water out of ears. Both of these remedies are fully loaded with antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties. Take 2-3 spoons of baby oil or glycerin and slightly warm them. Let them cool and pour them in the affected ear.

12. Yawning

Yawning can also get water out of your ears. In the inner ear there is a tube called Eustachian, and in this tube water mainly stuck. SO If you yawning some bubble you can get rid of this problem.

13. Perform Valsalva Maneuver

Performing valsalva maneuver will help you to pop your ears and it also helps you to open your Eustachian tubes to bring out water from your ear. Close your mouth and pinch your nose with fingers and take a deep breath. One more attention is, don’t blow your nose too hard because it may damage your ear drum.

14. Go and See a Doctor

If the case is not getting solved and the water is still stuck in your ears, see a doctor as early as possible. Sometimes when water gets stuck in the middle portion of the ear, it doesn’t come out easily. If it has really moved on to the middle part of your ear, then you better see a doctor immediately.

These are the steps on how to get water out of ears. Your ears are one of the most important organs of your body. Try to maintain and follow these remedies and tips whenever you will face this kind of problem. Surely these remedies will work. Have a good day…!….

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