How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps Fast

Shaving is the easiest, quick and affordable way to remove nonessential hair of your body and most important thing it has a great disadvantage which is known as razor bumps. A razor bump creates different problems in the skin. It can be defined as skin irritation because the irritation mainly creates in those areas that have been shaved.  Burning sensation mainly creates by this problem and can appear as a red rash.

So, how do you get rid of razor bumps? Are there any home remedies or treatments for razor bumps?

There are several remedies and treatments for razor bumps but you can’t treat it completely if you continue shaving. That means you have to stop shaving daily to avoid razor bumps. I know, as a man, it’s not possible for you to stop shaving as you want a close and smooth shave daily. Then, what else you can do to get rid of bumps? Yes, prevention is the best way so far, though there are several high-end treatments for this problem.

Throughout the article, you will learn the home remedies for razor bumps or how to get rid of razor bumps fast and necessary saving Instruments and treatments for curing razor bumps.

Some Common Razor Bumps Solutions in Use Today!

How to get rid of razor bumps fast

In the primary stage of any health issues, you should try if you can heal it at home using natural and kitchen stuff. So, to get rid of razor bumps on the face or any other part of your body you can apply the following home remedies.

1. Tea Bag is Effective.

It’s no wonder that tea bag is an excellent remedy to get rid of razor burn fast. A wet tea bag contains a substance named tannic acid that helps reduce inflammation and redness of razor burns. Don’t throw out the tea bag after making your morning tea.

Recommended Direction:

  • Keep it in the refrigerator to make it cold for several minutes.
  • Once you are done with shaving, apply the wet tea bag on the saving spot and rub slowly.
  • Let the tannin sit on the skin. You can apply the process several times a day.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar.

To get rid of razor bumps fast, apple cider vinegar plays an important role. It has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce inflammation as well as itching problem of the skin.

Recommended Direction:

  • You just need some raw apple cider vinegar that is widely used for curing skin bacteria and yeast infection.
  • Apply directly on the bumps surface and let the skin to absorb it.
  • Wash off the area after 10 minutes.

3. Cold Compress Works!

When you shave, it gives you a burning sensation and the skin gets red. Cold compress gives you an instant comfort from razor burn and prevents inflammation. To apply a cold compress, take some ice cubes in an ice bag.

You can use a soft cloth if you don’t have a bag at home. Then, apply the ice bag or the soft cloth on the spot and rub gently for a few minutes. Keep rubbing until you feel comfortable.

4. Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera Gel.

Aloe Vera can be considered as a great remedy to get rid of razor bumps. It prevents the burning situation and also moisturized the skin. Aloe Vera gives you a smooth feeling from the burning sensation of razor burns. It moisturizes your skin and stops inflammation while it excites the healing process.

Recommended Direction:

  • You can directly use the raw aloe vera gel on the infected skin.
  • Just peel the skin of an aloe plant and extract the gel.
  • You can preserve the extracted gel in a freezer to make it cold so that you feel comfortable when applying on the burns.
  • Stick to the remedy for 2-3 days and use 1-2 times daily to get the best result.

 5. Honey is Amazing!

Honey can also be used to get rid of this problem. Honey mainly reduces the inflammation and swelling. It also protects the affected area from infections. Sometimes, the burn area gets infected by bacteria.

  • Take one or two tbsp of raw honey and apply on the infected skin.
  • Leave it for 7-10 minutes before you rinse it off using lukewarm water.

6. Tea Tree Oil.

Another good remedy to get rid of razor bumps fast. It is also known as a natural anti-bacterial agent. The anti-bacterial properties of this oil prevent the itching and burning problems the skin.

Recommended Direction:

  • Take a few drops of tea tree oil and mix with a little water.
  • Then spray on the razor bump area.
  • Try to apply this oil twice a day.

7. Change the Technique of Your Shaving.

Changing technique can also be helpful to get of this problem. Sometimes your shaving technique can be very harmful for you, so try to change your shaving technique.

The only effective solution for razor bump is to stop shaving, but it’s not in your favor. So, you have to limit shaving. Don’t shave daily. If you have curly hair, after shaving, the hair starts growing back into the skin.

A study shows that the optimal length of hair is 0.5-1.0 mm to prevent them growing back into the skin. It takes 3-4 days to regrow hair up to 1 mm. So, you should not shave daily. But, if you avoid shaving at least 3-4 weeks, the lesions will be subsidized completely.

8. Try to Use New Blades.

Every time tries to use new blades because a dull blade contains so many germs and creates many problems. So, it will be better if you follow this rule. Wet your hair with warm water at least 5-6 minutes before you shave. Don’t stretch the skin. Try fewer razor strokes.

9. Prepare Your Shave.

Use warm and cold water before and after shave. That means, use warm water to wet your hair before shaving. Warm water softens the hairs and prevents after-shave irritation. On the other side, cold water helps to close the skin pores and prevents further infection.

10. Saving Instruments.

Saving instruments like shaving gel, cream, razor, and after shave lotion are also important to prevent razor bumps. Use thick shaving gel if your hair is thick. Use sharp razor. Electric razor works best for a smooth shave. Shave in the proper direction. After you are done with shaving, use branded after shave lotion. If possible, use natural aloe vera gel as after shave lotion. It will moisturize your skin naturally and reduce inflammation.

11. Cucumber for Razor Bumps.

Cucumber works best to help reduce razor bumps. It has strong anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties which help to prevent the infection and pain. It contains Vitamin C and Vitamin K that are two most important ingredients to treat razor bump.

  • Take a fresh cucumber and slice it.
  • Then put two slices of cucumber in the refrigerator for several minutes until it becomes cold.
  • Then take out the cucumber slice and rub gently on the bump area.

12. Strawberry Paste.

Strawberry paste is another good remedy for the treatment of the razor bumps. This paste prevents the infection and soothes the affected area.

13. Oatmeal for Razor Bumps.

Another great remedy to get rid of razor bumps is oatmeal, which is also considered as a natural remedy.  It has soothing properties and anti-inflammatory properties which prevent the symptoms of razor bumps quickly.

  • If your bump is on the leg you can take an oatmeal bath
  • Take some oatmeal powder and dissolve it in lukewarm water
  • Then dip your bump area in the warm water
  • Keep soaking for 20 minutes and apply moisturizer (Aloe Vera can be used) afterward.

14. Baking Soda for Razor Bumps.

To get rid of Razor bumps baking soda is very effective. It is an old fashionable remedy.  It prevents the inflammation and burning of the affected area and protects the skin.

  • Mix baking soda with water to form a thick paste which can be applied to the affected bump areas
  • The paste should remain on the skin until it dries followed by a light rinse
  • Baking soda can also be added to warm bath water for soaking.

15. Lemon Juice for Razor Bumps.

Lemon juice is also very effective for the treatment of razor bumps. Apply the lemon juice in the affected area and when it will dry, wash the affected area with warm water. Try to use this remedy when you shave.

16. Aspirin.

Aspirin is another way to get rid of razor bumps quickly. The anti-inflammatory property of aspirin prevents the redness, burn and itching problem of the affected area. It also soothes the affected area.

17. Witch Hazel for Razor Bumps.

Witch hazel is considered as a natural antiseptic. It reduces the inflammation of the affected area. Witch hazel contains tannins chemical compounds which help to reduce swelling repair the skin and fights bacteria.

It can be applied directly to the affected skin areas. It is available as a leaf extract, bark extract, and in liquid form. Try to apply it twice a day, surely it will give you the best result and also prevents the redness and irritation.

18. Black Tea.

Black Tea mainly uses to make a cup of tea but it is also effective to get rid of razor bumps fast. It has tannic acid which helps to reduce burn and inflammation.

19. Essential Oils.

Lavender oil, Calendula essential, Chamomile oil contains soothing and healing properties which work great to recover the affected area. Use these oils with cold water and try to use these oils thrice a week.

20. Olive Oil.

Olive oil is another great remedy. After cleaning the affected area, use this oil, truly it will give you relive from the burn.

Our provided home remedies will definitely help you to get rid of razor bumps fast and help you to look perfect and beautiful. If these remedies do not work properly in curing the problem of razor bumps then please consult with your doctor as soon as possible. We advise you not to take any kind of medicine and don’t use any cream without consulting the doctor.

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