How to Get Rid of Nail Fungus Naturally

Nail -a very important component of human body. Healthy and strong nail looks very beautiful. But sometimes nails are affected by some fungal problems. Nail Fungus is one nasty kind of fungus and millions of people around the world are affected by this fungus. In one study it is evaluated that between 2% to 14% people have fungal nail infections.  All of them ask the same question- exactly how to get rid of nail fungus?

Nail Fungus Mainly Consists of These Symptoms-

  • Swelling
  • Inflammation
  • Crumbling of the nail.

Nail fungus usually not too much painful, unless the infection spreads. In any case, you should get rid of nail fungus as soon as possible. There are many reasons behind nail fungal infections. Among them, Dermatophyte is one and yeasts and molds are also responsible for nail fungal infections.

So, you were asking how to get rid of nail fungus. In reply, here we suggest some important and effective antidotes to get rid of nail fungus.

15 Best Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Nail Fungus

How to Get Rid of Nail Fungus

  1. Use Apple cider vinegar: To get rid of nail fungus, apple cider vinegar is very effective. It mainly intercepts fungus to spread and it also kills fungi and bacteria and other infections.
  2. Vick’s Vaporub: Vicks another antidote for getting rid of nail fungus. Take a small amount of Vicks vaporub, apply on the nail and cover it with cotton cloth or gloves before going to bed. Before applying Vick’s vaporub, you must make sure that your nail is dry.
  3. Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties as well as antifungal aspects that help a lot in the treatment of nail fungus. It soothes irritation and helps fade the fungus.
  4. Fresh Garlic Cloves: To get rid of nail fungus, fresh garlic cloves play an important role because it has ajoene and allicin. These which have antifungal properties and that mainly prevent the spread of fungus in the nails as well as any other part of the human body.
  5. Natural Lemon Juice: The use of lemon juice can help you to remove discoloration and avoid from embarrassing nail infections. Nail fungus leaves gory marks, such as ugly greenish, yellowish or brownish hues on the nails.
  6. Listerine Mouthwash: Though it’s a mouthwash, but it works extremely well to get rid of fungus from the nails. For that, you have to soak your nail in 30-50 ml of Listerine mixed with two cups of warm water at least 30 minutes once a day. Listerine is a powerful antiseptic which kills the fungus fast.
  7. Baking soda: To get rid of nail fungus, you can use baking soda with warm water ratio 1:3 teaspoon and soak your nail for 10 minutes. Baking soda has antifungal and alkaline properties that help to prevent fungus from growing or spreading in the nail.
  8. Orange oil: Pure orange oil not only cures your nail from fungus but its anti-fungal properties will also make your nail heavily protected.
  9. Nails short, dry and clean: Manicure/ pedicure kit can groom your nails. Keep your nails short because it prevents most of the bacteria from getting trapped under them.
  10. Good hygiene: To get rid of fungal infection, allow air on your nails as much as possible. You should keep your toenails dry by avoiding tight shoes and hosiery that creates a sweaty environment.
  11. Ventilating socks: To keep your nails free from moisture, try to wear synthetic socks because those socks mainly prevent the moisture to build up. Here Cotton and wool socks should be avoided.
  12. Wear shoes and sandals in the public places: To get rid of fungal infection you should wear sandals while showering if multiple people are using the same shower. These perpetually wet, warm places full of sweaty people are bacteria breeding grounds.
  13. Vitamins and supplements: To improve your immune system you should take vitamins and supplements. These give your body the power to strike back against the fungus.
  14. Massaging: To improve your circulation and protect your nails from the fungus, you should massage your hands and feet daily because Improved circulation makes it easy for your body to combat the fungus.
  15. Olive leaf extract: Olive leaf extract is very useful because it has anti-aging, antioxidant, and antibiotic properties which mainly protect the nails from fungus and other problems.

If these remedies do not work properly in curing the nails from fungus then please talk to with your doctor as soon as possible. Don’t take any kind of medicine and don’t use any cream without consulting a doctor.

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