How to Get Rid of Chapped Lips Fast

Lips are the most attractive and noticeable part of the human body. Healthy and glossy lips make you more beautiful and attractive. Chapped lips are very common problem among the people and people face this kind of problem in the cold and dry weather. This problem is considered as a serious disorder, but to get rid of chapped lips fast you can try home remedies, which gives you a better result.

How to Get Rid of Chapped Lips

Reasons for Chapped Lips

Primary Reasons

Dry climate, overexposure to compiling temperatures, lack of hydration, lip-gnawing, riboflavin (vitamin B2) lakes, and sick fitting dentures are the primary reason of dried out lips.

Restorative reasons

Anaphylaxes, diseases, medications, winter colds and flues and various other restorative issues can make it!

It is a typical observation that Chap Sticks are the best cure for dried out and dry lips. The chemicals in a chap stick can contaminate the lips when you have bits of open skin. Along these lines, the accompanying home cures are grand cures that are likewise here and there more compelling.

Home Remedies for Chapped Lips That You Should Try

Here we are suggesting some important remedies that will help you to treat chapped lips and help you to look perfect and beautiful.

1. Honey

Honey for Chapped Lips

The moisturizing power of honey cures most of the problems of skin including lips.

Recommended Directions:

  • Take a few drops of pure organic honey on your fingertips.
  • Apply it on your chapped and broken lips.
  • Apply this three times every day.

You could make a paste with glycerin and honey. Apply this before you go to bed to wake up with soft and moist lips in the morning.

2. Lemon Ointment

Lemon with Sugar for Chapped Lips

Lemon is a citrus, so applying lemon juice directly is going to make your lips even drier. But if you mix certain ingredients with lemon, you will be able to make a good remedy for chapped lips. The mixture of lemon and sugar works as a great remedy to get rid of chapped lips because lemon works as natural bleach and sugar protects the lips from free radicals.

Recommended Direction:

  • Squeeze a whole lemon and take the juice into a small cup.
  • Mix unprocessed sugar to it and make a thick ointment.
  • If you do not find unprocessed sugar, refined sugar will do.
  • Apply the ointment on your lips and keep for five minutes.
  • Do this twice a day.

3. Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera for Chapped Lips

Aloe Vera has antiseptic properties and healing power which protects the lips and moisture your lips. When your lips become chapped, you get a lot of minor cracks which aloe vera will be able to help heal. Adding to that, it could help relieve the pain from chapped lips.  Try to apply Aloe Vera Gel before going to the bed for soothing effect.

Recommended Directions:

  • Slice an aloe vera leaf and take a little gel into your fingertips.
  • Rub it on your lips. If you lick it, the bitter taste will stay with you for a long time.
  • Keep it on for five minutes.
  • Rinse it off with water.
  • Repeat this twice every day.

4. Use Pumpkin or Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin contains high amount of Vitamin E and this vitamin E helps to get rid of chapped lips. So try to buy pumpkin seed oil from your near megastore and you will see a good result within one or two weeks.

Recommended Directions:

  • Take a few drops of pumpkin seed oil.
  • Apply it on your lips and keep it on for five minutes.
  • Do it twice a day. For best results, apply the oil every night before going to bed.

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5. Olive Oil

Olive oil for Chapped Lips

The fatty acid of olive oil prevents the chapped lips disorder and makes the lips soft. For better result, you can use olive oil twice a day.

Recommended Directions:

  • Take two drops of extra virgin olive oil on your fingertips.
  • Apply the oil on your lips.
  • Rub the lips together to get the oil absorbed. Do not lick your lips.
  • Do this twice a day, especially before you go to bed.

6. Rose Petals

Rose petals plays an important role to get rid of chapped lips because it has skin lightening properties and besides this it also makes your lips hydrated. Rose petals make the lips pink and glossy.

  • Wash up a handful of rose petals in water thoroughly.
  • Now, soak all the petals in pure milk for three hours.
  • In case you have problems with dairy, you should soak the petals in glycerin instead.
  • Mash these rose petals in a thick paste.
  • Put the paste all over your lips three times every day, especially every night before going to bed.

7. Cucumber

Cucumber for Chapped Lips

Cucumber has antiseptic properties and lightening properties which enhance the beauty of the lips and also helps to cut out tan.

Recommended Direction:

  • Just cut up a few slices of cucumber.
  • Place the slices on your lips.
  • Keep them on the lips for five minutes.
  • Do not use refrigerated cucumber.

8. Banana

Banana is one of the tastiest fruits in all of the countries. It is rich in minerals and vitamins which prevent the aging process and also makes your skin smooth and glossy.

Recommended Directions:

  • Cut a very thin slice of banana.
  • Put it in between your lips and press on the slice.
  • Keep the slice of banana there for at least five minutes.

Alternatively, you can make a mash of banana and apply it on your lips s an ointment. You wll have to wash it off.

9. Fresh Milk Cream

Milk Cream for Chapped Lips

Fresh milk cream is very useful to get rid of chapped lips because it contains high amount of vitamins and fat.

Recommended Directions:

  • Take a few drops of fresh milk cream.
  • Apply it on your lips and rub gently.
  • Leave the cream on for ten minutes.
  • Gently rinse the cream away with your fingers.
  • Do this daily to help your lips heal faster.

10. Green Tea

Green tea works as a great remedy to get rid of chapped lips. It has antioxidant properties which make your lips soft and prevents all kinds of skin problem also.

Recommended Directions:

  • Soak a tea bag full of green tea.
  • Carefully place the bag on your lips.
  • Let the liquid soak up in your lips. The essence of the green tea might sting a little.
  • Keep it on for a few minutes.
  • Do this twice a day for best results.

11. Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter for chapped lips

As we all know that cocoa butter is widely used to make our skin soft, it used in many products due to its moisturizing properties, it always melts in room temperatures so you don’t necessarily to need any extra things to melt them.

Recommended Directions:

  • Get a little pinch of cocoa butter on your fingertip.
  • Apply it on your lips and keep for two minutes.
  • Rinse it off with water.
  • Do it twice everyday.

12. Try to Apply Oils

Coconut Oil for Chapped Lips

To get rid of chapped lips and make your lips smooth, you can apply oil. It will moisturize your lips and protect your lips from further damage.

Recommended Direction:

  • Take two drops of coconut oil on your fingertip.
  • Apply it on your lips.
  • Rub gently until all of the oil is absorbed into the skin your lips.

Must Follow Do It Yourself (DIY) Tips to Get Rid of Chapped Lips Instantly

13. Don’t Bite Your Lips

You should always avoid biting on your lips. It takes away all the moisture from them and makes them dry and chapped. It may result in bleeding from lips and can also cause other bad infections. You have to restore moisture and heal the lips. You must restrain yourself from biting your lips. Try keeping some mild balm on them to keep you from biting on your lips.

14. Avoid Touching Your Lips

Touching your lips makes the moisture on your lips pass on to your fingers. Therefore, if you keep touching your lips, they will gradually dry out and become chapped. Over time, your lips will scale out and start to bleed. If you have this bad habit of touching your lips, you have to quit it right away.

15. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly for Chapped Lips

Petroleum jelly is the oldest remedy for chapped lips since the dawn of time. They are moist enough for your lips and mild enough to not make any long lasting effect on your lips. You can go for flavored petroleum jelly, but make sure it is not an artificial one. Choose any naturally flavored jelly and you will be all set.

16. Use Lip Balms

Lips usually possess a natural protection that keeps them moist all the time. However, sometimes food habits and weather break that protection down. You should try to make a lip balm with ceramides. That will encourage the natural barrier to reform itself, making the chapped lips be smooth again.

17. Hydrate and Help to Heal

You should drink plenty of water. When you do not drink sufficient water, you become dehydrated. Dehydration will dry out your skin, as well as your lips. Drink a liter of water every day. Water will keep your lips hydrated and will prevent them from being dehydrated and chapped.

18. Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking a lot of water all through the winter can keep your lips delicate and hydrated. Drink plenty of water. Aim for six to eight glasses a day and it will be very beneficial for you. When your body will get dehydrated, it will first show on your lips.  So try to drink water as much as you can.

Continuously put on lipstick or lip analgesic before heading outside in dry, frosty climate. Run a humidifier in your home to keep the air muggy. Dietary insufficiencies, for example, those of B-complex vitamins and iron, can result in dry, split lips, as indicated by dermatologist Nelson Lee Novick, who prescribes taking a day by day multivitamin supplement.

19. Consider Your Diet

To get rid of chapped lips you have to increase vitamin levels in your diet chart and that helps you a lot to make your lips more spontaneous. Eat fruits and vegetables that contain lots of vitamins and minerals. You can also take vitamin supplements that will ensure your overall health, including your lips. Try to avoid spicy food and citrus.

20. Try to Avoid Commercial Skin Treatments

Avoid commercial skin treatments and products. When picking up a moisturizer or lip balm for yourself, you should avoid the ones which have artificial flavors and dyes. Natural oils such as coconut oil and shea butter work great to moisturize your lips. These commercial skin products include heavily extract lip balms and cosmetics.

Besides the above useful suggestions, you can go with the prescription of a doctor if your problem is acute. Actually, if your problem is not acute, you can only go with these remedies regularly. Undoubtedly these remedies are easier and work better to improve the condition of your lips and make your lips pink, smooth and glossy.

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    Like our face skin our lips also need an anti aging home remedy to stay soft and smooth for many years, in this home remedy we are using lemon juice, honey and vitamin E. these all ingredients also helps to lighten your lips and gives a new life to your chapped lips.

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