How to Get Rid Of Back Pain: Home Remedies and Treatments

A study published in 2010 claims that back pain is the leading cause of disability globally. Moreover, their claim is nothing but true as it comes from renowned sources like the Brooklyn Hospital Center in New York, USA. In fact, they say that about 10-12% of men suffer from back pain compared to 8-9% women in the world. Your back is a very subtle region because it is the bridge of connection of your brain and neck to the rest of your body below your hips. The back contains the spinal cord protected behind your backbone which is this bridge. If this bridge becomes affected anyhow, your brain loses connection with your legs, also your arms and, sometimes, even your heart. Due to this, one may become paralyzed or even die. Here are some ways by which you can rid of it.

Experts Proven Home Remedies to Get Rid of Back Pain

How to Get Rid Of Back Pain

Back Pain

1. Cold or Heat Therapy.

Whenever you start feeling the pain, first it wait it out to see if it goes away by itself. If the pain does not worsen and stays at the same level, try applying something cold to it. You can take an ice pack and apply it there for about ten minutes or so. The trick to reduce it is to apply an ice pack few hours periodically. The main reason for doing this is to reduce the tension in the area. The coldness of the ice pack will immobile the nerve impulses that are sending the signals of pain to your brain.

On the other hand, if the pain is recurrent and more stinging then it is better to apply a hot water bag or take a bath in hot water. Try doing the following: take a bowl of hot water which is hot enough that you can tolerate it, then, put some salt in it and then take a piece of napkin or a soft cloth and soak it. Rinse it and then apply that to the area where you are feeling pain. This can be done once every hour to get relief.

Moreover, you can also take a piece of cloth and fold a few times and then press it against a hot iron, after it is hot enough, you can then apply it to your back. It will instantly give you soothing from that pain. You can do this twice every day for a week or more till the pain subsides.

If you are working or sitting for long hours and felling back pain then you can take break time to time. If you are driving a long distance you should take a break.

2. Tea Tree Oil.

Also, besides these, you can try massaging hot tea tree oil to your back. Tea tree has beneficial properties and will help your pain recede sooner. Also, for best results, I will advise you to sleep on a bed which is hard at home rather than a soft bed. A soft bed will not help your pain to lessen; chiropractors advise to sleep or lie on a hard surface who have pain in their back. Additionally, the posture at which you sit or lie down needs to be precise. The idea is to not apply any form of strain to your back – this is only possible when the weight of your body is equally distributed and not focused on a single region.

3. Take Care of Your Posture.

According to many research, the main reason behind back and neck pain is simply poor posture in our everyday life. For those activities or moves that need prolonged concentration or sitting; we need to be more careful about posture. 3 tips to make sure your right posture while using a computer or watching TV or sitting on a chair for prolonged periods-

The main principle is when you are sitting on a chair, make sure you are relaxed with your chair and push your hip closely back to the chair to support your back. You can use a small pillow or cushions to support your back. Adjust monitor or keyboard according to your relaxed position.

How to Get Rid of Back Pain: Treatments and OTC

If simple home remedies like these do not work out for you then you can try taking painkillers or over the counter medicines. The best ones that I can name now is those that contain ibuprofen. Before buying, make sure you take necessary advice from your doctor that for how long you should ingest it. Besides, you can also try using pain-relieving ointments and gels that contain menthol extracts in them. They will cool and burn your skin at the same time and give you relief. Anodynes can also be used to get relief. The ointments that are available are mostly muscle-pain relieving agents so if your pain does not go away then know that it is your spine which is ailed. The best thing then would be to get a checkup from the doctor as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if your pain does not lessen after a week passes or so then you should go to your doctor and get an X-ray done. It is because back pain can be a symptom of underlying conditions like osteoporosis or dislocated disc or anything worse. There is no need to take any sort of risk regarding your back. At home, you can try doing yoga to get relief from back pain. Yoga has been known as a form of great practice over centuries that aids in improving your wellbeing.

Besides, you can also signup for physiotherapy if your doctor asks you to. Back pain usually goes away on their own but when they don’t then it is best to try home remedies and then if it still persists, going to an orthopedist or neurologist or someone who specializes in the treatment of pain and injuries of the back and spine.

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