How to Cure Chicken Pox- A Common Childhood illness

Chickenpox is infectious, caused by varicella zoster virus. Chicken pox is the most common problem and also considered as a virus. The children’s who are in under age 12 they mainly suffer from this problem. Though this disease is most common in children but it also affects the adults. It also contains unpleasant swelling on the whole body. This painful swelling contains liquid and this mainly caused by rubbing your foot continuously. To cure chicken pox, there are various types of treatment available. If you want to get rid of chicken pox, you have to follow some remedies. Here we are suggesting some highly effective home remedies on how to cure chicken pox.

How to Cure Chicken Pox: 18 Important Remedies You Should Know About

How to cure Chicken Pox

1. Coconut Water

To get rid of chicken pox, coconut water is very effective. It contains lots of vitamins as well as minerals which prevents the infections and make the skin healthier.

2. Calamine Lotion

Calamine lotion is another great remedy for the treatment of chicken pox. Take a small amount of lotion and apply them on the blister and it will remove the chicken pox within few days.

3. Oats

Oats are mainly considered as diet food. But oats can also be used as a remedy to cure chicken pox. Oats help the skin keep hydrated and prevent the chicken pox. To make a paste of oats, you have to take raw oats and mix them with hot water. After cooling, apply the paste on the skin. Undoubtedly, it works great.

4. Brown Vinegar

Brown vinegar is very effective to get rid of chicken pox.  It prevents the irritation and cures chicken pox.

5. Anti-Itch Cream

Anti-itch cream has antiviral and anti-bacterial properties which play an important role and prevents the viruses of chicken pox. Try to use this cream every day for better result.

6. Papaya

Take a small amount of papaya and mix it with honey, then apply on the whole body. This paste will help you to get rid chicken pox naturally.

7. Sandalwood Oil

Another great remedy for the treatment of chicken pox is sandalwood. It contains compounds which brighten the skin and prevents the bacteria of the chicken pox.

8. Baking Soda

Baking soda is known for furnishing numerous profits to the skin incorporating bringing down redness, decreasing the profundity of scars and freeing your skin of dim spots. It is considered as one of the greatest remedies for chicken pox. Baking soda prevents the itchiness which mainly caused by the ailment.

9. Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter plays an important role to cure chicken pox. Apply cocoa butter in the all the affected areas and gently rub. Use this remedy twice a week to cure chicken pox.

10. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is rich in anti-bacterial properties and this property will help to prevent bacteria and itching infection of the chickenpox. Apply aloe Vera in the affected areas; you will see the results within few days.

11. Green Peas

The paste of the green peas works greatly for the treatment of the chicken pox. Take 100 green peas and boil them. After cooling them, make a paste of green peas and add honey with it. Use this paste every day before taking bath.

12. Ginger

To get rid of chicken pox, ginger is very useful. It reduces the rashes which are caused by chicken pox. You can also use ginger while taking bath.

13. Vitamin E Oil

Commonly chicken pox scars will begin to blur inside a year of the infection running its course, yet those that might like them to vanish quicker can use vitamin E oil to help the skin mend. Vitamin E oil will help to hydrate the skin which is a key to helping marks on the skin blur. You can buy vitamin E oil anywhere, and you just rub it directly into the scarred skin.

This kneading procedure will build flow to the region, which will further help the mending method while permitting the scar tissue to feel delicate and typical once more. Utilize this medication two times each day, equally dispersing the oil over all the regions that have the chicken pox scars. Try to use vitamin E oil to get rid of chicken pox blisters. Vitamin e oil tries to heal the blisters quickly.

14. Neem

Neem is the most powerful remedy for the treatment of the chicken pox. It reduces itching and irritation which is caused by the lesions. It will be best if you make a paste of neem and apply them on the whole body.

15. Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is highly rich in sulfate and magnesium which reduces the inflammation and pain of the chicken pox.

16. Marigolds

Marigold is another great and best remedy for the treatment of chicken pox. Marigold contains anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial properties which mainly kills the bacteria and also reduces the redness of the whole body.

17. Healthy Diet Chart

A healthy diet chart plays an important role to get rid of chicken pox. Healthy diet chart contains lots of vitamins and minerals. All the vitamins and minerals improve the immune system and make your body to fight against chicken pox.

18. Jasmine

Though jasmine is a very well –known flower but it can also be used a great remedy for the treatment of chicken pox. Most interesting thing is that Thai people use this flower as a great remedy for the treatment of chicken pox.

These remedies are very useful to cure chicken pox. Though it’s a long-term process, but if you follow these remedies properly, it will work. If not, then try to consult with your doctor as soon as possible.

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