Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, who doesn’t suffer from this serious problem? Almost everyone (men and women) suffer from this serious health problem. It is also known as hypertension. High blood pressure can lead different health problems like- kidney failure, heart attacks, strokes and so on. About 140/90 mm Hg or above is considered as high blood pressure level. You can solve this health disease by taking helps of natural ingredients which are available in your kitchen or in supermarkets. Here we are suggesting some important home remedies that will help you to control your blood pressure in a normal level and help you to lead a problem-free life.

20 Natural Home Remedies For High Blood Pressure

Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure1. Lemon

Lemon is one of the great home remedies for the treatment of high blood pressure. Lemon keeps the blood vessels soft and also prevents hypertension levels. In addition to that, lemon can help lower your chances of heart failure because of its vitamin C percentage. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant that helps neutralize all the harmful consequences of free radicals.


  • Take a large fresh lemon or two medium-sized lemons.
  • Squeeze all the juice out of it.
  • Take some water and bring it to a simmer.
  • Mix the lemon juice to the water.
  • Take it in the morning before breakfast.
  • Once you start taking this remedy, you have to keep taking it at least for a few weeks.

Alternatively, you can just take some lemon juice with your meals every day. If you take lemon juice for a few weeks regularly, you will notice a good and considerable reduction on your blood pressure levels. You will be able to keep your high-pressure level in check.

2. Grapes

Grapes another great home remedy for the treatment of high blood pressure.  Grape is considered multi-vitamin fruit which is high in phosphorus and potassium. So try to eat grapes daily, to control the blood pressure level. Grapes will make your health better and help you control your high blood pressure.


  • Take a bunch of grapes and wash them.
  • Take them one by one and put them in a blender.
  • Blend the grapes and pour out the nectar.
  • Now, mix some sugar with it if you like.
  • Drink the juice once every morning with or without breakfast.

You can also but grape juice from the store. But those have too much preservatives and artificial ingredients. You should always go for the original and fresh juices that you can make yourself. You can have a guaranteed improvement in your health by doing that.

3. Honey

To get rid of high blood pressure, you can take 1 tablespoon honey with hot water and drink it on a daily basis; surely you can avoid high blood pressure.

Honey will reduce pressure from your heart and it has a calming effect on your blood vessels as well. Therefore, it will be a helpful home remedy for high blood pressure. Honey helps you keep your hogh blood pressure under control. You can take two teaspoons of raw honey an hour right before breakfast every morning. Or, you can do the following procedure-


  • Take one teaspoon of honey and mix it into two teaspoons of ginger juice.
  • Take two teaspoons full of cumin seed powder. Mix it with the solution.
  • Take this twice every day.

Another effective home remedy would be-


  • Take a tablespoon of basil juice and mix it with half a tablespoon of pure honey.
  • Mix this with some lukewarm water and mix well.
  • Drink this solution every day on an empty stomach. You should continue taking this for at least four weeks to notice an improvement.

4. Basil Juice

To get rid of high blood pressure you can also take basil juice. Try to take basil juice every day and add 1 tablespoon honey with it. Try to drink this juice twice a day.


  • Take a bunch of basil leaves.
  • Wash them thoroughly and neatly tie them up.
  • Take some water and pour it in a pot.
  • Put the stack of leaves in the pot.
  • Boil the water until it simmers.
  • Let it steep for a few minutes.
  • Strain the water and store it in a jar.

You can use the leaves for making a paste and eating it as chutney.

Alternatively, you can do the following-

  • Chop and crush a stack of basil leaves.
  • Use it in the food you cook as an added flavor.
  • Add it to the salad and soups you make as well.
  • Eat the basil on a regular basis to keep your blood pressure in control.

5. Celery

Celery will be very beneficial for the high blood pressure patients. Try to add celery in your diet chart and eat it on the daily basis with a glass of water, surely you can cure your high blood pressure.

The phytochemical 3-N-butylphthalide is present in celery in high amount. It greatly helps you to control high blood pressure. Phthalides also help relax your muscles inside and around the arterial walls, which creates much more space and allows the blood to flow in freely. At the same time, this can help you reduce the stress hormones which constrict the blood vessels, contributing to high blood pressure as well.

You should try to eat at least one stalk of celery with a glass of water every day. However, eating four stalks of celery daily is going to be much more helpful in lowering your blood pressure. For some enhance of protein, follow this-


  • Take one tablespoon of unsalted almond butter or peanut butter.
  • Take a celery stalk and dip into it.
  • Chew on the stalk like you eat French fries dipped in ketchup.
  • Both peanut butter and almond butter have high amounts of monounsaturated fat that keeps your heart healthy.

6. Coconut Water

For controlling your blood pressure, coconut water is very effective. It helps to keep your body hydrated and also prevents different health problem. Try to drink coconut water every day to get rid of high blood pressure.


  • Take a freshly cut tender coconut and get the juice out of it.
  • Pour the juice into a glass jar.
  • You can preserve the juice in the refrigerator if you are able to extract juice from a lot of coconuts.
  • Make sure you drink the coconut water in the morning before breakfast on an empty stomach.
  • This juice will stay fresh if you keep it cool, though we suggest you cut a fresh coconut every day.

You can also eat the flesh of the fruit because it will also help you to reduce your high blood pressure levels and keep it in control.

7. Cayenne Pepper

As we all know that cayenne pepper is very spicy but to get rid of high blood pressure it works greatly. Try to take it every day or you can add cayenne pepper in your vegetables, soup or salad. A little bit of cayenne pepper is enough to control the high blood pressure level.

The people that are suffering from mild hypertension are surely going to benefit from taking cayenne pepper. It makes blood flow by the preventing the platelets from clumping up together and building up in your blood.

You should add some cayenne pepper to your daily meals, like the vegetable or fruit salads you eat. A little bit would do. If you take too much, you may burn your throat due to too much pepper. You can also do the following process-

  • Make a bowl of soup for yourself.
  • Make sure you do not put too much spices into it.
  • When it is done, add just a pinch to the bowl.
  • Since cayenne pepper is really spicy, one pinch is more than enough.

8. Garlic

Garlic has anti-bacterial properties which prevent the pressure and improves the blood flow. So try to eat garlic every day, surely it works in a proper way and gives you the best result.

A lot of healthcare studies have shown that garlic has great blood pressure lowering effects. Both cooked and raw garlic can help you control your high blood pressure. At the same time, it can reduce your cholesterol levels considerably. Garlic helps relax your blood vessels by stimulating the construction of hydrogen sulfide and nitric oxide.

You should eat one or two cloves of crushed garlic every day. You can just crush them with your teeth and chew on them. Crushing garlic cloves produce hydrogen sulfide. It is a compound which promotes healthy blood flow, reduces pressure on your heart and removes gas. If you dislike eating up raw garlic or in case it creates a burning sensation in your mouth, then you should take it with a warm cup of milk.

You may also follow the following process-

  • Directions:
  • Take some water and pour it into a pot.
  • Put some sliced garlic in the water.
  • Bring the water to a boil and let it simmer for a few minutes.
  • The juice should be stored in a jar and preserved in the fridge.
  • Take it twice a day mixed with some warm water on an empty stomach in the morning.

9. Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are also considered great natural remedies for controlling the high blood pressure level.  It will be better if you make a juice of curry leaves. For making juice, you have to take 20-25 curry leaves and add 1 cup of hot water. Try to drink this juice in every morning.


  • Take a cup of water and pour it into a pot.
  • Bring it to a boil and then turn the heat down.
  • Let it simmer and put some curry leaves into the water.
  • Let the leaves boil for a few minutes, making the solution thick.
  • Drain the water and pour it into a jar.
  • Every morning, take a cup of lukewarm water and mix a little curry juice in it.
  • Drink this on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • For better results, drink one cup in the evening as well.

10. Water

Try to drink water as much as you can, because if you drink plenty of water, your body will get hydrated. You can be able to control your blood pressure.

Make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Juices and beverage do not count. Pure water will make your system relaxed and stress-free, thus reducing your blood pressure

11. Apples

To get rid of high blood pressure apples are very beneficial.  Apples are rich in zinc which prevents hypertension and also control the level of high blood pressure. You can just chew on an apple without peeling its skin off. The skin will help with your high blood pressure as well. If you do not want to chew one entire apple, you can follow this process-


  • Take a fresh apple and wash it well.
  • Slice it into small pieces and put it into a juicer.
  • Pour some water in the juicer and some sugar, if you want. We suggest not using any sugar. You can use some honey if you need to sweeten up your juice.
  • Mix up the apple slices and blend until the nectar is ready for you to drink.
  • Pour it out into a glass.
  • Drink this juice every morning with your breakfast. You can also drink it along with your breakfast.

If you drink this juice regularly for a month, you will notice a considerable change in your high blood pressure. It will reduce and stay in control.

12. Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is very useful and many people prefer this oil to control their high blood pressure level. Cod liver oil is highly rich in omega-3 which controls the blood pressure and other diseases.

You can buy the capsules available in pharmacies. You should take two capsules every day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Usually, there is no side effect to these capsules, but you may experience some itching. If you do, discontinue taking these capsules. Otherwise, taking the cod liver oil capsules for a couple months will help reduce your high blood pressure levels.

If you want a better dosage, you can buy bottles of cod liver oil and use it for some cooking. it might smell bad if you put it raw in your salads. But frying some food in the oil will make it quite edible for you to consume. You can cook some vegetables like zucchini and papaya along with cayenne pepper in it.

13. Beetroot

To control the blood pressure level in normal you can drink the juice of beetroot. It contains sodium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium which work great. Try to eat this juice every day.


  • Take a fistful of beetroots and wash them well.
  • Put them in the juicer and add a cup of water.
  • You can add a little salt to your taste to make it more edible.
  • Mix the juice well until you want. The thickness of the juice depends on your taste.
  • Pour the juice out in a glass. You can add some spices like coriander or pepper if you want to.
  • Drink this juice every day in the morning before breakfast on an empty stomach. We suggest you do not take any food half an hour before or after you drink the beetroot juice.

14. Papaya

To get rid of high blood pressure you have to eat papaya, it contains sodium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, and also contains multi-vitamins. Papaya will prevent many diseases and provides many health benefits.

Eating raw papaya would be the best way to keep your high blood pressure in check. However, it is not the only way to eat it. you can cook it, fry it, boil it, make a soup of it- any way you take it is absolutely fine and thoroughly effective. However, the easiest way would be just to make a juice out of it. you can follow this process below-

  • Take a fresh and tender papaya and peel it.
  • Slice the papaya into small pieces.
  • Put the slices in a juicer.
  • Pour a cup of water in the juicer with the slices.
  • Mix the juicer until you think the juice is ready for you.
  • Pour the juice in a glass.
  • Mix some salt to taste. You can also mix some pepper in it to make it more edible.
  • Drink it every morning before breakfast.

15. Olive Oil

Olive oil is very effective to get rid of high blood pressure. Try to add olive oil in your cooking and salad.

16. Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon seeds have a compound named cucurbocitrin. It helps to widen blood capillaries considerably. At the same time, these seed helps improve kidney functions as well. This reduces blood pressure levels in turn and helps with arthritis as well.

Also, watermelon has vasodilatory effect that will help lower your blood pressure very effectively.


  • Grind some dried poppy seeds and watermelon seeds.
  • Take a teaspoon of the mixture early in the morning before you eat breakfast.
  • Have it on an empty stomach in the evening as well.

Alternatively, you can follow this process-


  • Take two teaspoons full of crushed and dried watermelon seeds.
  • Mix it with a cup of boiled water.
  • Let it steep it for almost an hour and strain it.
  • Have a few sips of this solution at regular intervals all through the day.

17. Mint Leaves

Mint leaves are really a good cure for reducing one’s high blood pressure.  To reduce your high blood pressure, dissolve two teaspoons of dry mint leaves powder with water or lemon water and drink it up twice a day. You can also use mint flavored chewing gums that you can carry and chew any time of the day you want.

18. Banana

Bananas are really effective that all the people having high blood pressure should regularly eat to keep it in control. Bananas are a great source of potassium. Potassium lessens the effects of sodium.

You should always try to eat two bananas very day. Along with eating bananas, you can also try other fruits. You can chop up fruits and vegetables like apricots, raisins, spinach, currants, orange, zucchini and baked sweet potatoes and mix some sliced bananas to make a salad or custard.

19. Onion

Onions have been known and proved to lower the blood pressure because it has an antioxidant in abundance flavonol called quercetin. This is a good home remedy for high blood pressure. You should try to keep one medium-sized onion in your diet daily. You can cook it into your meals or you can eat it raw and chopped in your salad.

Also, you can also take one teaspoon of honey and onion juice, mix them and drink it twice every day for a couple weeks. Your high blood pressure will come down.

20. Fenugreek Seeds

Taking fenugreek seeds is an effective home remedy for lowering your high blood pressure. This happens because the seeds have dietary fiber content and high potassium.


  • Put two teaspoons full of fenugreek seeds in a cup of water.
  • Boil the water for about five minutes.
  • Strain the water and store it in a jar.
  • Put the boiled seeds in a blender.
  • Now, blend the seeds and make a paste of it.
  • Eat this paste two times a day. Take it once before breakfast in the morning with an empty stomach. Do the same in the evening.

Do this home remedy for about three months. You will notice a significant development in your blood pressure.

Try to follow these remedies properly, surely you can be able to get rid of high blood pressure or control your blood pressure level. If you feel acute problem, try to consult with your doctor as soon as possible and take medicine timely.

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