Home Remedies for Cavities That Really Works

Who doesn’t know about cavities? Cavities are known as small holes in the teeth which are mainly caused by the decay of tooth. It is one of the most common health problems among all the people. The victims of this problem are – children, older, adults and teenagers. This problem mainly occurs because of bacterial infection in the teeth which causes demineralization in the teeth. It creates a painful situation. Here we are suggesting some of the most important home remedies for cavities that will definitely help you to get rid of this problem.

20 Best Practical and Useful Home Remedies for Cavities

Home remedies for cavities

1. Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment is really very beneficial for cavities treatment.  As fluoride can help teeth to restore themselves, you can take this treatment at early stages of cavities.

The fluoride treatment has a gel varnish, foam fluoride or liquid solution that is used in order to coat your teeth and strengthen your tooth’s enamel.

Let us tell you about the procedure a little bit. When you are undergoing fluoride treatment, the dentist is going to apply the fluoride on your cavities in one out of two ways:

  • The dentist will apply the fluoride directly all over your teeth
  • The dentist will place it inside a tray which will be fitted over your teeth

This treatment will take just about three minutes to complete.

2. Filling

Fillings is a restoration treatment, used when the tooth decay develops further into the enamel and permanent. Let us give you some information about fillings into your teeth-

  • The dentist is going to remove all your cavities using a drill into your teeth.
  • Then the dentist is going to fill all the holes in your teeth using tooth-colored porcelain, resin or silver amalgam material.

You should know that silver amalgam material might contain quantities of mercury. Some people object to it because of the fear over possible health risks. In case you also have this concern too, you should consult with your own dentist. You have to choose whatever material s/he plans to use for your fillings.

If you have low to moderate levels of tooth cavities, the decay may be countered in one appointment. For higher levels of decay, your dentist may need two appointments to complete the filling procedure.

3. Use Mouthwash

For preventing gum diseases, bad breath and plaque, mouthwash is very beneficial to kill the bacteria and make your teeth more beautiful and problems free.

You should use a mouthwash containing fluoride. It will help your teeth to reinstitute the minerals in the teeth and stop bacteria from creating acid harmless to your teeth.

You could also follow a remedy that helps your cavity-ridden teeth in two ways- one, it keeps your mouth alkaline and helps in neutralizing cavity-causing acid. Two, it replenishes the minerals back in your teeth.


  • Take a teaspoonful calcium powder and mix it with another teaspoonful of magnesium powder.
  • Mix it with some warm water and make a solution.
  • Gargle with this solution for 5 minutes, twice a day for best results.

4. Brush Your Teeth Twice a Day

You should brush your teeth at least twice a day. It is very important because it prevents the bacteria which causes cavity and protects your teeth from other problems also.

5. Get Sealants

Sealants are the good way to protect your teeth from cavities. If you don’t have sealants, try to buy it as soon as possible. The sealant is a thin, plastic coating placed on top of the back teeth to prevent bacteria and plaque from the groves of the molar teeth.

The sealants are given to children, usually as soon as the molars grow. However, one set of these sealants is only going to last for about ten years. Therefore, ask your dentist whether you have to replace your sealants.

6. Salt

Salt has antibacterial and antiseptic properties which also helps you to get rid of cavities. These antibacterial and antiseptic properties help you to prevent ease pain, inflammation, and bacteria in the mouth. You can follow some procedures we have for you here-


  • Mix one teaspoon of salt into a glass of lukewarm water.
  • Take a mouthful of the solution.
  • Swish the solution around your mouth for a minute, especially around the cavities
  • You have to do this 3 times every day up until your symptoms lessen.
  • Another way is described below-


  • Dissolve 2 teaspoons of salt and a bit of lemon juice or mustard oil and make a paste out of it.
  • Massage your gums gently with the paste for four or five minutes
  • Gargle with some warm water.
  • Do it two times every day. It will kill all the bacteria in your mouth.

7. Chew Sugarless Gum

Sometimes sugarless gum helps you to get rid of cavities. Sugarless gum produces salvia which removes food particles trapped in the teeth.

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8. Garlic

Garlic can also be used as a treatment of cavities as it is rich in antibacterial and antiseptic Properties.  It is a provider of respiration from pain and promoter of healthier gums and teeth.


  • Take four or five crushed garlic cloves and mix them with half a teaspoon of rock salt.
  • Take it on a finger and apply the paste on the tooth having cavities.
  • Leave it there for ten minutes; then rinse it off with your mouthwash.
  • You should do it twice every day for two or three weeks to reduce your cavities.

You could rub garlic oil on your cavities affected tooth as well. That can give you a quick relief from the pain coming from the cavity. Also, eating raw garlic regularly may be a little bit less tasteful for you, but it will definitely provide very effective results.

9. Turmeric

To get rid of cavities, turmeric also plays an important role. The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of turmeric keep the gum of the teeth healthy and prevent the bacterial infection.


  • Take a pinch of turmeric powder on your cavity affected teeth.
  • Leave the powder on your teeth for about five minutes.
  • Rinse your mouth with warm water properly.

One other option is-

  • Mix up half a teaspoon of turmeric powder into a bit of mustard oil.
  • Take it on a fingertip and massage your gums and teeth.
  • Leave all of it on for about ten minutes.
  • Rinse your mouth well with some warm water.

For best results, you should follow either procedure twice a day.

10. Use Homemade Tooth Paste

Homemade toothpaste is very effective for those who are suffering from cavities problem. By using coconut oil, baking soda, clove oil, xylitol and calcium powder, you can make homemade toothpaste. Coconut and clove oil kill fungus and bacteria.  Xylitol, a natural alcohol, prevents dry mouth and tooth decay. Here is the procedure-


  • Take 5 tablespoons full of calcium powder, 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of xylitol and mix them.
  • If you do not have calcium powder, you can use calcium capsules or tablets. If you do not have xylitol, you can use a pinch of stevia to keep the bitterness out of the remedy. Also, make sure the baking soda does not have any aluminum.
  • Take the mixture in a bowl and take a spoon.
  • Pour about 4 tablespoons full of coconut oil into the mixture and make a paste of it.
  • Now mix 15 drops of peppermint oil, clove or grapefruit seed extract to the paste.
  • Mix 20 drops of trace minerals in it.
  • Take a small container or a glass jar in order to store the paste.
  • Every time you brush your teeth, take some of the paste on your toothbrush.
  • Use this to brush your teeth twice a day for best results.

11. Guava Leaves

Guava leaves are very beneficial for getting rid of cavities. Guava leaves are rich in phosphoric acid, calcium, manganese, and help to prevent bacteria and infection and alleviate the toothache.


  • Take a few guava leaves and crush them to extract some juice.
  • You can mix the juice in a glass of warm water. Then gargle with it for a few minutes.
  • Also, you can use your fingers to apply the juice on your teeth and gums. Rinse your mouth after a few minutes.
  • Do either of these two procedures twice every day for best results.

12. Licorice

Licorice works as a great remedy for cavities and for removing plaque from the teeth as it has high antibacterial properties. These antibacterial properties directly target the bacteria and vanish them.


  • Take some dried licorice root powder.
  • You can mix it to the paste on your toothbrush and brush with it.
  • You can use it without the paste with the help of your finger.
  • Brush your teeth with this to ease your cavities.
  • Do this twice every day for best results.

You may use a soft licorice stick as a toothbrush stick to brush your teeth every day.

13. Neem Toothpaste

Neem is one of the most powerful remedies to get rid of cavities. It has antibacterial properties can easily destroy cavity-causing bacteria. Plus, it helps maintain healthy and strong teeth and gums. Use this toothpaste twice a day; surely it gives you positive result.


  • Crush some neem leaves and extract some juice from them.
  • Rub the juice on your teeth and gums.
  • Let it be it on for five or six minutes.
  • Now, rinse your mouth with warm water.
  • Do this twice every day for best results.

Alternatively, you could use soft neem sticks as toothbrush to brush your teeth as well. You could even use toothpaste that contains neem oil in them.

14. Apple Cider Vinegar

For getting an opt remedy that has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, apple cider vinegar denotes a wonderful choice.


  • Take half a glass of warm water.
  • Pour two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in the glass.
  • Mix well and gargle with it for a few minutes.
  • For best results, gargle with this solution twice a day.

You can also apply apple cider vinegar directly by using your fingertips. Rub the vinegar all over your teeth and gums. Rinse off after a few minutes.

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15. Potato

Potato is very effective to alleviate the toothache, rich source of anti-inflammatory properties, eliminate the extra moisture that is responsible for the inflammation of the gum of the teeth.


  • Take a fresh potato and peel it.
  • Slice the potato.
  • Put one slice on your cavity affected tooth and chew on it slowly, letting the juices pour all over the tooth.
  • You should chew the potato slowly, like a chewing gum.
  • After a few minutes, spit the slice out. Rinse your mouth off.
  • Do it twice every day for best results.

16. Cucumber

Cucumber also works as a great remedy for removing cavities. It is rich in antioxidant property and this property will help you to prevent all kinds of problems, related to the teeth.


  • Take one fresh cucumber and peel it.
  • Crush the cucumber and make a fine paste out of it. You do not have to add water. The cucumber will release enough juices for you.
  • Take a jar and store the paste in it.
  • Every day, take a little bit of paste and apply to your teeth and gums.
  • Leave the paste for five minutes.
  • Rinse off with water.
  • Do it two times every day for best results.

17. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper includes capsaicin, rich in natural analgesic helps you to get rid of the cavities in the teeth. It is also one of the effective home remedies for cavities.

The best solution would be to use it long term in your meals every day. For short term use, you can follow this procedure-


  • Take some powdered cayenne pepper.
  • Make a paste of it with some warm water.
  • Apply it on your teeth and gums.
  • Keep it for a few minutes. If it stings, ignore it. That is just the cavities screaming.
  • Rinse your mouth out with clean water. Do not ingest the pepper.
  • Do it once every day for best results.

18. Black Tea Bag Compress

Black Tea Bag Compress is an effective way to get rid of cavities. It has astringent tannins which reduce the pain and inflammation, mainly occur due to cavities.


  • Soak a black teabag in some warm water
  • Place the wet teabag in between your teeth, right on the cavities affected tooth.
  • Keep the bag in place for a few minutes. If you want to chew on the bag, do so very gingerly. Do not pierce the bag with your teeth.
  • Take the bag out. Do not swallow the liquid in your mouth. Spit it out.
  • Rinse your mouth with clean, warm water.
  • Do this once a day for best results.

19. Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry is also known as amla. Small, round and juicy fruit that has multiple uses, including treating cavities. It is rich in antioxidant properties and vitamin C works effectively for removing cavities from the teeth. It promotes development and healing of connective tissue that can benefit the gums. In addition to that, it cleans up your mouth and helps you to get rid of bad breath problems.

You can follow some of the following ways to use Indian gooseberry to reduce your cavities-

  • Just chew up one fresh amla every day for best results.
  • You could take 1 or 2 teaspoons of dry amla powder mixed into a glass of water. Drink it once a day.
  • If you do not have fresh or powdered amla near you, you can take a capsule. However, you should always consult your doctor before you take any kind of medication.

20. Avocado Seeds

Avocado is an antioxidant that is very helpful to alleviate the toothache, due to cavities.

Besides the above useful suggestions, you can go with the prescription of a doctor if your problem is acute. Actually, if your problem is not acute, you can only go with these remedies properly and regularly. Undoubtedly these remedies are easier and work better.

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