Health Benefits of Raspberries: Eat Them and Stay Healthy

Raspberries are among the most popular and rich source of multiple kinds of ingredients. The health benefits of raspberries are such multilayered that the eggheads have not yet found all of them. These delicious berries are available in almost every climatic region of the world, including ours.

There are so many kinds of raspberries, but the most widely available are the red ones. Coincidentally, they also are the richest sources of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, along with phytonutrients. here, we have some health benefits of raspberries that will prove helpful for you.

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Red and Rich Raspberries You Should Know About

Health Benefits of Raspberries1. Vitamin C Hoarder

Fresh, organic raspberries are outstanding sources of a natural and powerful antioxidant- Vitamin C. a hundred grams of raspberries contain about 26.2 mg of vitamin C. Consuming raspberries rich in vitamin C helps your body develop strong resistance against counter inflammation, infectious agents, and flush out harmful free radicals, along with increasing normal immunity to fight flu, infections, cold and other common conditions like these.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant and highly efficient in purging and cleaning your blood and body cells. This makes your immune system strong by getting rid of free radicals in our body. These damage the cells of your DNA structure if not cleaned out. The natural formation of these free radicals is handled by the anti-oxidants in raspberries after you eat them. Along with Vitamin C, anthocyanins and phenols also result in antioxidant property, making the health benefits of raspberries skyrocketing.

2. Plenty of Minerals

The raspberries contain a pretty good amount of useful minerals such as potassium, copper, manganese, magnesium and iron. Potassium is a vital component of the cells in your body, along with the fluids that help control your blood pressure and heart rate. Copper is necessary for producing red blood cells in your system. Manganese is used by the body systems as a co-component for the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase. Copper is required in the production of red blood cells.

3. Ellagic Acid Enriched

The health benefits of raspberries stretch as far as to protect you from cancer. A normal cup of raspberries contain about 40 mg of ellagic acid. In reasonable quantities taken steadily, it will prevent various cancers. If cancer patients boost the intake of this acid by increasing their daily dosage of raspberries, then it might be able to destroy cancerous growths by a process named Apoptosis, meaning acceleration of harmful cell death due to biochemical reaction. The ellagic acid triggers this. Most of the cancers including breast, pancreas, colon, pancreas, skin, esophagus, prostrate etc can be prevented.

4. Eyesight Improvement

Raspberries develop vision and prevent your eyes from infections and natural damage. The antioxidants in raspberries protect the eye retina and prevent oxidative stress. Therefore, it will not let you lose the vision of your eyes. The joint power of antioxidants like phenols and Vitamin C safeguard eye membranes which produce watery fluids. It keeps the eyes clean and hydrated, saving your eyes from “Dry Eye” syndrome. Raspberries also decrease the risk of pannus forming. It is a granular layer of tissue that forms on your cornea.

5. Sugar Control and Diabetes

Raspberries have a very reasonable amount of sugar content. These are also high in dietary fiber, making the fruits a perfect component of your dietary chart. Raspberry helps your body produce Adiponectin in order to maintain insulin and sugar level in Type 2 Diabetics. It is a protein responsible for breaking down of glucose in your body. That is how it prevents blood sugar level spiking in both normal people and diabetes patients to prevent health complications occurring from rise of sugar level.

6. Helps Blood Thinning and Healthy Heart

Raspberries have anti-coagulant properties that make them perfect blood thinning agents. If you are facing problems like fluctuation of blood pressure and too much blood clotting, we recommend that you try raspberries and keep them in your daily menu of snacks or smoothies. These fruits not only dampen clotting, but they also dissolve already formed clots, keeping the fluidity of your blood up. The content of Salycilate in raspberries is what makes it such an efficient blood thinning agent.

7. Ladies, listen Up

The health benefits of raspberries and their leaves are very effective in reducing menstrual flow and cramping during women’s periodic cycle, decreasing pain throughout childbirth, avoiding hemorrhage and preventing nausea. Raspberries help reduce pain by strengthening and tightening pelvic muscles which go through bad cramping during periods. These appease the body by reducing stress and relaxing muscles. They increase milk flow in lactating mothers as well.

These seven reasons should be enough for you to put raspberries in your family diet as well as personal. Enjoy the tasty, juicy texture along with the health benefits of raspberries.

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