All The Health Benefits of Almond Milk Right Here

If you are looking for some dairy-free milk replacement, you must have possibly stumbled on a carton of almond milk, not aware of health benefits of almond milk. You might have wondered whether or not almond milk would be good enough for you as a replacement. Whether you are sensitive to dairy milk, don’t like the taste or a vegan in nature, almond milk is a wonderful alternative you should definitely try out.

Although almond milk is getting more popular as a substitute for milk, it is essential to know that it does not offer as much calcium or protein to be a whole substitute. Therefore, you have to ensure you obtain sufficient amounts from some other sources. A cup of almond milk has only one gram of protein, whereas there are 8 grams in dairy milk. Also, you only get 2 milligrams worth of calcium versus three hundred milligrams in normal dairy milk.

As with all the things you buy, you have to ensure to check out the labels and buy almond milk which has the least quantity of preservatives and other types of additives.

Let us Look at The Various Health Benefits of Almond Milk

Health benefits of almond milk

1. Aids With Weight Management

If you are taking diet for weight loss, you don’t want to stop drinking milk. In this situation, almond milk is the best alternatives to dairy milk. Almond milk has only 60 calories per 8 Oz servings that is absolute weight loss friendly.

One full cup of almond milk has only sixty calories versus to 146 calories found in whole dairy milk, 122 calories into 2 percent, 102 calories into 1 percent and only 86 calories in skim milk. It is a great substitute to normal milk that is going to help you lose weight or maintain your existing weight with comparative ease.

2. Keeps Your Bones Sturdy

While it doesn’t offer as much calcium as cow’s milk, almond milk does offer 30 percent of the recommended daily amount, as well as one fourth of the recommended quantity of vitamin D. this reduces your risks for osteoporosis and arthritis, improving the immune function. Along with that, the two nutrients combine together to provide you with teeth formation and healthy bones.

3. Makes Your Skin Glowing

Almond milk has 50 percent of the suggested the daily requirement of vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties vital to your skin health, such as protecting all of it against damage by the sun. High antioxidant including Vitamin E works better for glowing skin. It is a very useful health benefit of almond milk.

The beauty concern people can easily adapt almond milk instead of regular milk.

4. Hardly Impacts Blood Sugar

Almond milk contains 8 Oz carbohydrate per serving, unlike regular milk. Drinking almond milk without adding sugar is blood sugar friendly. It has absolutely no additives. It is low in carbohydrates. This means it would not significantly increase the blood sugar levels, decreasing your risk for any type of diabetes.

Due to its low glycemic index, the body would use the carbohydrates as energy so that the sugars would not be stored as fat in your body.

5. Helps in Muscle Strength

Almond milk contains several chemical properties to build muscle. It does contain vitamin D and calcium that’s directly responsible to repair muscles. Also, it has plenty of vitamins B like riboflavin and iron, both really important for healing and growth of muscles.

6. Keeps Your Heart Strong

This is one of the most solid health benefits of almond milk. There is no saturated fat or cholesterol in almond milk. It is low in bad sodium and high in good, healthy fats, such as omega fatty acids, which you usually found in fishes. This will help your body prevent heart disease and high blood pressure.

7. Keeps Your Digestion in Line

One of the health benefits of almond milk is that it constitutes of almost a gram of fiber in every serving, which is vital for healthy digestive process.

8. Does not Contain Lactose

Lactose intolerance is evident about one-fourth of the US population. It means they have trouble digesting all the sugar in dairy milk. That makes almond milk an appropriate, lactose-free substitute for milk.

9. Tastes Better than Milk

Almond milk does not taste like dairy milk, so it is perfect for people who do not really like the taste. It is quite versatile, which means you could use it in place of milk in recipes that need it. It will not have similar taste, but it would have the same consistency.

10. It Needs no Refrigeration

You don’t have to refrigerate almond milk. It means you can take it to work with you or out on a camping trip. You can take it anywhere you want. It is perfectly fine at normal temperature that makes it a suitable, nutritious staple to have, automatically notching up your everyday intake of the fabulous nutrients you need.

How to Prepare Almond Milk At Home?

So you become a fan of almond milk and want to taste it! Do you know how almond milk really tastes like? Taste of almond milk different than regular milk. It tastes nutty. Adding a little sweetener with almond milk makes it taste better. Anyways, it’s delicious, most people like the taste of it. Most of the time, manufacturer adds sweetener into almond milk that decrease its health benefits. Preparing almond milk at home is a good idea and it’s easy too. Here’s how:

Preparation of Almond Milk

If you want to prepare almond milk at home here is a simple recipe for you. You need Raw almond 1 ½ cups and water 4 cups to prepare almond milk.

  • First of all, soak raw almonds in water for 6-10 hours, then isolate almond from water.
  • Blend almonds with 4 cups of filtered water until it reaches milk consistency.
  • Filter milk for removing almond skins and granules.
  • Then, preserve milk in a jar in refrigerator for a couple of days.

Now that you know all the health benefits of almond milk, go out and get some. Start today. The earlier, the better.

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