How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Fast (Piles Treatment)

They pain you and traumatize you, starting from repetitive constipated bowel to an irregular or “unhealthy” eating order can contribute to this problem. The actual thing is that a certain type of blood vessels appears in your anal tract, either in between or where the poop comes out. There are handful methods to how you can steer clear of hemorrhoids and steer clear of mortification and stroppy situations. The ways below will inform you how to get rid of hemorrhoids.

13 Things to Do Every Now and Then to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids

How to Get rid of Hemorrhoids

  1. To begin with, there are a few things that you can do before going to the loo. There is a certain gel for babies which are essential for them when they are growing their first set of teeth. You can apply that salve if you have intense pain down there. Apply a slight amount of it and it can help you feel a slight comfort.
  1. You can try taking a painkiller like an Aspirin; this is for those who have a constant aching there. Likewise, it will help you with the discomfort.
  1. Other ointments or liniments that you can try to use include something that has aloe Vera in it. Clear that place with lukewarm water and carefully pat dry. You can use baby wipes to do so. Then apply that lotion whenever you feel or need it like.Miscellaneous items include Vaseline, any sort of inorganic oil that you can apply there. Dab that area with cotton soaked in these materials.
  1. Lifestyle habit should be that you should never scour your anus when it feels itchy, instead, take a shower and wipe that area with a wet soft tissue. You can even use ice multiple times a day for about 5 to 15 minutes at a time.
  1. You should also be aware when you feel the need to go and sit on the toilet, as, whenever the pressure comes, go as soon as possible and do your work. One thing that you can try to practice and implement is by trying to make a routine or a specified time when you sit on the toilet. With no interruptions, it will actually help you in the long run and fix the problem that you have.

How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids: Things to Eat So That It Mends

  1. Your eating habit needs to get a makeover if you really plan to get rid of the problem you are suffering from. Firstly, you need to make sure your dietary fiber intake is more, along with drinking adequate amount of water, say, 1.5-3 liters. These will help in softening the feces and also help them to move out more easily. Fiber rich food includes veges (especially leafy vegetables), fruits, whole grains, beans and legumes, cereals and so on. Also, try eating prunes.
  1. Foods rich in vitamin C such as oranges, lemons, broccoli, etc. are important and helpful.
  1. You should be aware that meat does not contain any fiber, therefore, omit it from your diet. For many, obesity is a cause of hemorrhoids, so you should also try to lose weight. To add to that, you should eat low-calorie foods and workout; as you will move around, these movements will cause your bowels to move too and, thus, it will help them pass passages a lot easier.

5 Further Things to Do to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids

  1. Sometimes, even, changing diets don’t even help and then you should along with the fiber-rich diet takes fiber supplements too. Besides this, you can try taking psyllium seeds once either it is in the morning or in the afternoon. Soak them and drink them up like a smoothie.
  1. You should never stress while you are at the toilet. Straining and forcing the movement will actually harm you more than do good and prevent the path to get rid of hemorrhoids. If nothing comes out, get out of the toilet and then sit on it later when you feel the pressure again.
  1. Moreover, herbal laxatives are also good if you are thinking of taking them. As mentioned already, psyllium acts as a natural laxative and Senna joins that list too. Take Senna as per instruction and you will see positive results. You can try eating figs, radish and pomegranate. Buttermilk and yogurt are two things that help out. If you want a change of taste then you can try these. Drinking a glass of buttermilk will stop bleeding in no time.
  1. Do not use the toilet paper anymore but a flushable wipe instead. Lukewarm water helps with the aching and sitting in can prove essential. Also, there are special chairs called sitz bath chair available that you can use. Always gently, splotch the area clean after a sitz bath. Sitting awkwardly or random position should be abstained. Sit comfortably so that you don’t feel any pain in that area. You can use a pillow on a chair to sit on and also, cotton underwear keep those areas ventilated and that will keep you at ease too.
  1. If these do not help you, then you should consult a doctor. Make sure that you ask them for a non-surgical therapy first then go for something more serious. If the aching is too much then do not skip going to the doctor. Surgery is required when your hemorrhoid reaches the ultimate complexity. Seeing blood in your stool is a symptom to worry, therefore, never delay visiting the doctor. Always take the right step to get rid of hemorrhoids.

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