9 Effective Health Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga has been practiced for many years and it has a great value including health benefits. Many people take this meditation practice as one of the highly effective strategies to improve physically and spiritually. Here are 9 health benefits of yoga and some of that may seem like what the hell to you!

Brief of Yoga and Its Origin

Yoga or a form of practicing meditation is an ancient praxis that originated from South Asia, particularly around the Himalayan regions and India. In fact, its origin dates back to even before Christ’s birth. This particular practice has been recently popularized in the US and Europe, mostly in the late 1800’s and 1900’s.

Health Benefits of Yoga: Strengthen To A Better Body

Health Benefits of Yoga

1. Strengthen Body to Grow

To begin with, the ideal reason to why you should practice yoga is that it helps you build stronger muscles and bones, as well as cartilages. There are hundreds of postures to practice yoga and many of these promote the strengthening of your muscles and bones. In fact, the position called “Astanga”, and also others that include the “power yoga” require intense physical effort. The effort is no less than going to the gym and doing a heavy workout. However, yoga’s other positions that do not require intense effort still help your body strength to grow.

2. Strengthen Your Muscles

There are certain positions in yoga that you can practice building strength in different parts of your body! Even so, there are postures that help you build the strength of your lower or upper or even thighs or arms or waist! The mantra of yoga is to build strength from the inside of your body, as you can reach a higher level of endurance from your insides; it is likely to increase your strength on the outside. The crux of your body is your abdominal region – it is where your actual strength flows to each part of your body. Yoga helps to strengthen this region.

3. Strengthen Your Abs and Shoulder

Your abs is strengthened and you can now know that if you have any sort of fat in that region, it will get reduced too! Besides strengthening of your abs, your neck region will also strengthen due to yoga. Stronger shoulder and neck means that you are less likely to suffer any form of neck-related pain due to various activities like incorrect sleeping posture or even working at your office desk or computer.

4. Make Your Body Parts Flexibles

In many shows and performances you might have seen that people do amazing feats where they push their bodies beyond the boundary of how much our body can actually bend or flex. More importantly, even though you do need to achieve or do such thing but you can increase your body’s flexibility by practicing yoga. After the very few first days of starting yoga, you will see that you are to do moves where you will have to touch your toes with your hands. This will seem hard in the beginning but over time, you will be able to master it out and see that your hips are less rigid than they were and now you can easily stretch that region and work more easily.

5. Strengthen Your Bones

Our bones start to lose their strength as we grow older, and, unfortunately, many people develop degenerative diseases of the bone. Practicing yoga will help your bones to stay stronger even as you grow older. This happens due to the many exercises of yoga requires each part of your body to equally stress out and so you do not stress any particular region and the endurance of the whole of your body increases, especially your bones increases.

Health Benefits of Yoga: Better Health and a Greater Mind

Apart from the building of your muscles and bones, yoga benefits your psychological wellbeing too along with the promotion of good health of your organs.

6. Prepare You for Life Control

One of the many teachings in yoga requires you to learn to control your breathing. It makes you aware how you should breathe and, so, it prepares you for any situation of your life where you might need to do it. For example, in a sticky situation involving your office work, you might need to calm down and handle things with care. The yoga that you practiced, therefore, can help you then that even without doing any exercise you can ease your pulse.

7. Reduce Illness

Many doctors advise heart patients to practice yoga to reduce extreme blood pressure. The reason behind is this that yoga helps to lower your blood pressure.

8. Bring Mind Calmness

Even so, it also helps you calm your mind. Yoga also involves meditating that involves dreaming or imagining many things or even taking a journey through our own mind palace. This is one of the completely health benefits of yoga in the sense that as tense situation rises; you can stay calm unlike others around you and think straight.

9. Helps to Cope with the Stress

Today, along with how you dress up or what you eat or how you behave, the way you sit or walk is equally important. Also, daily commuting and sitting at the desk in your office makes you all tired that you feel fatigued; what’s astonishing is that regular yoga will actually help you cope with this stress and your endurance will increase. Your overall posture of moving around or sitting will stay well because you will not feel pain in your back or around your shoulders. In future, the risk developing any bone-related disease of that region is also minimized.

To conclude, there are many yoga centers out there that help you learn yoga, so get a move on and start doing yoga and enjoy the health benefits of yoga.

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