8 Awesome Foods For Diabetes

Diabetes might make you think that your days of eating freely are over, but that is not the case. In fact, there are many food items that you can still eat but in ample proportions. I have tried listing them accordingly. Here are 8 foods for diabetes that must be helpful for maintaining a healthy life.

8 Best Foods For Diabetes Prevention

Best Foods For Diabetes

Vegetables For Diabetes

1. Antioxidants and Essential Oils

Basil leaves to begin with has antioxidants and essential oils. The chemical elements of those essential oils helps the beta cells of your pancreas to function better and so the glucose in your blood is in restraint. A couple basil leaves can be eaten everyday or the juice extracted from it. On the other hand, flax seeds are another item that make a perfect home food. A mixture of its powder and water can be drunk once everyday. Instantly reducing the sugar level.

2. Whole-grain Products

Let’s move on to actual food items that you should eat: your staple can either be whole-grain products. The main concept of the whole grain is that it makes your digestion better. In your stomach, it slowly breaks down and, so, it does not increase blood glucose level. Aiding in bowel movement, it absorbs water so your stool is not hardened. Some whole-grain products, some called best foods for diabetes, include brown rice, whole wheat flour or brown flour. Products like cereals and baked items bought from the bakery also have whole-grains written on them or a label that says so. Please make sure you check that before buying. Moreover, baked potato, anything made from corn contain lots of dietary fiber and can form an important staple of your diet.

3. Vegetables

On the other hand, you can try eating vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables like kale, broccoli and lettuce. Cabbage (whatever the variety or type), carrot, beans and all the other essential vegetables should be eaten daily. The best way to eat them is lightly roasting or grilling them or steaming them. Spinach has been known to be very helpful for diabetic patients. A glass of juice made from bitter gourd should be taken daily. It is one of the most efficient natural remedy to rid of diabetes immediately (the blood glucose level).

4. Foods Containing Proteins

It is also important that you get protein from other food sources except plants and so you can try eating meat. Lower-fat cuts of meat is a good choice and you can also try the breast meat of a chicken. I would suggest you to consume no pork at all as it is very much fatty and harmful for your body. Diabetic patients are advised to eat eggs without the yolk part, you can eat the yolk once a week. Cheese made from goat’s milk should be eaten in place of regular full-cream milk cheese. Low-fat milk can be a part of your diet. Nuts contain fatty acids that are beneficial to your body and you can try eating them every now and then.

5. Fruit

Fruit is also very important and you should peel them before eating. Apple and excessively sweet fruits should not be eaten and you should be aware of that. Oranges can be eaten as they promote healing of any wounds.

6. Cinnamon Powder

Besides these, you can try taking a teaspoon of cinnamon powder everyday. It is one of the best foods for diabetes. Psyllium is a natural laxative helps absorb the sugar in your blood. Moreover, it digests slowly in the stomach too. Aloe Vera juice also works in this way. It lowers blood glucose instantly and keeps it in restraint. Polyunsaturated fats found in fishes like salmon, herring, sardines and additionally fish oils and even shrimp.

7. Plant Sources

Besides these, plant sources like flower seeds, corn, soybean, black beans, avocado, have omega three and six fatty-acid in them. You should include them in your diet.

8. Stay Hydrated

The way out of diabetes sometime contains other techniques other than foods for diabetes. Staying hydrated is also important, water should be drank so that the concentration of your blood stays dilute. Alcohol and smoking are two things that must be omitted from your daily routine. Coffee and tea can be there in your diet but you should not drink them in excess. Lastly, the internet is full of tasty recipes that you can try for yourself!

You can lead a very happy and healthy life by getting rid of diabetes and having the foods for diabetes. Once you start leading this regular life, you will enjoy you every day and every moment in life.

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