HealthBeautyAid provides free home remedies for common disease and skin care problem using natural herbs and other useful ingredients. The information in this website does not aim to alternate the regular medical treatments and medicines. The only purpose of this informative website is to educate people about home remedies for common health and skin problem.

We used to see thousands of web traffics (we love to call them smart people) daily on our blog from different sources. They come, read our blogs and get their problem solved. Often, our respectful readers express their interest to know even more about our web activities, aims, motivations and so forth. We think we should answer the questions of our regular readers. To do so, we will be glad.

Who we are on the WWW?

We are an active web community that serves useful information to the info-hungry smart people on the internet to help solving their different common health issues. We do research, collect data, extract them into useful information and present them in an understandable way that eventually helps solving problems of our readers.

What is our ‘AIM’?

We certainly have several AIMs but we just focus on only one. We would love to serve those smart people who surf through the internet to get the useful and understandable home remedies from different blogs. Finally, our dream is to work in the wellness of mankind till we exist on the web.

What are our activities on the web?

As an active web info-serving community, our main activities are doing research on the demanding health information, justifying the certainty of the information; making them authentic, valuable, understanding, and presenting the information to the smart people through our website.

General Precautions

We should hereby announce that our presented information does not guarantee to improve or cure any kind of your health issues.

If you do have any kinds of asking, suggestions, complaints and appreciations regarding our blogs please feel free to contact us through our ‘Contact Us’ page.

However, at the bottom line, we wish you to be happy and healthy forever. Keep visiting our blogs and motivate us to move ahead to serve the mankind.

Thanks & Warm Regards 🙂

HealthBeautyAid’s Team