How to Get Rid of Acid Reflux and Heartburn (GERD)

Acid reflux, also known as heartburn or GERD is a condition which is not only common to adults but anyone from any age group. People have been suffering from this acid reflux over the period. There are many remedies to get rid of acid reflux and here are the best 15 for you.

What Research Says About

This has been published by a research carried out by the American Academy of Otolaryngology. In fact, another study uncovered that people now suffer from acid reflux or heartburns more often than they did 10 years ago. This is more people are now aware of it as over-the-counter medicines are more advertised. We have come up with home remedies, some lifestyle changes that you can follow to “not” belong to the group who suffer from this.

Reasons of Acid Reflux:

There is no definite cause of acid reflux. It can be indigestion, ill bowel movement and/ or overeating. No matter what the reason is, acid reflux can give you the worst of your nightmare. The main causes are:

1. Indigestion

This complication is mainly caused by indigestion. Food eaten stimulates the acid inside your abdomen to depreciate is how it all happens. The question now is what type of food does contribute to this? Mostly, fries, all sorts of fried, fast foods, foods that are too much oily and fat-ridden; and, also, drinking alcohol, soft drinks even along with smoking too cause this. Essentially, as we are all different with different digestion patterns, some people might also feel heartburn from ingesting food rich in Vitamin C.

2. Obesity

Apart from food, if you are suffering from obesity then it is highly likely that you will suffer from acid reflux more often. Primarily, you can start by changing your diet. Complication occurs due to the inability to digest certain food items properly, a feat that differs from one person to another.

How to Get Rid of Acid Reflux (GERD) Naturally

Get Rid Of Acid Reflux

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be your another effective weapon to fight off heartburn. The excessive acids that cause disorder in stomach muscles can be terminated by apple cider vinegar. It also provides our stomach with a large amount of pectin that soothes our disturbed stomach and reduces the burning sensation of heartburn.

  • Drink a glass of water mixed with two or three drops of apple cider vinegar until the symptoms of heartburn are completely gone.

2. Lemon Water

When indigestion is the cause of heartburn, drinking a glass of lemon water can be a good remedy. It helps to increase the HCl level in our stomach which works effectively to break down the foods that are not digested properly. Lemon water also hydrates our digestion system. This helps the system to run smoothly.

  • All you need is to mix the extracts of a fresh lemon in a glass of warm water and drink it.

3. Fennel  and Chamomile Tea

Fennel has a magical effect on the activity of the stomach to get you rid of acid reflux. It has been proven in many studies. Recognized as an antispasmodic, it can help you out you to get relief from the pain of stomach cramps. In case you are facing severe pain because of heartburn, you can take fennel tea and this will easily reduce your heart pain.

Chamomile tea is full of soothing effects that can reduce the pain of heartburn. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can calm down the stomach muscles. A study ran by the Imperial College of London showed that chamomile tea is rich in glycine, which is a kind of amino acid and Glycine can help us to relieve muscle spasms. Have a cup of chamomile tea in case you are suffering from heartburn.

4. Baking Soda

Consuming a teaspoon full of baking soda can reduce the burning sensation of an acid reflux. The main element of baking soda is sodium bicarbonate and it is widely recognized for its unique ability to reduce acid reflux. The higher pH level of baking soda enables it to absorb the stomach acids that cause the acid reflux. Drink a glass of water by mixing baking soda. It will help you to ease the irritation.

5. Try Chewing gum

Also, there are certain items that you can take so that you don’t feel that sweltering feeling over your chest and heart. A recent study ran by The Journal of Dental Research showed that chewing a gum when you have heartburn can get you immediate relief from the burning feeling.

You can try chewing gum after eating your food; it accelerates the production of saliva in the mouth, this “sort of” rinses down your gullet, washing it and, thus, increasing the water content of the gut. The increasing amount of saliva gets into our stomach and helps to reduce the acid reflux. So do not hesitate to chew a gum to get relief from the excruciating feeling of heartburn.

6. Ginger

In the past, people used garden-fresh ginger; it can be used as an ingredient in the cooking process of your food or can be brewed with tea. Acid reflux or dyspepsia or whichever term you use to name it can be easily get rid of by mixing ginger, lemon juice and honey in proper amounts with lukewarm water, drink the mixture and you will feel at ease slowly.

Also, you can easily get rid of your acid reflux taking ginger root tea. It is a very good soothing agent that can ease our disturbed stomach and relieve us from heartburn. A cup of ginger root tea is very helpful. Take a ginger before you are in your dining table. It can also prevent you from getting a heartburn.

 7. Take Vegetables

To begin with, your daily meals should contain more vegetables, then fish and vegetables. Also, drinking plenty of fluid is important. What is more, it is important to remember that vegetables are “ALWAYS” helpful for the digestive system as well as the overall system of your body. If you are plagued by acid reflux, then do not eat raw food, but eat boiled/ cooked rice and vegetables.

8. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is not only used for healing the sunburned skin. It has something more than this. Aloe is a savior because of its multi-beneficial properties, one of which its ability to lessen the inflammation of the gullet or stomach walls. It can effectively prevent acid reflux when consumed in a juice form.

When your stomach gets irritated and a burning sensation starts to rise through your chest, immediately drink a glass aloe juice. The soothing and healing effect of aloe juice will reduce the inflammation in no time.

9. Bananas

One great thing about bananas are that they act as an antacid for the body; it is, therefore, better to eat fresh ripened bananas. It can efficiently counter acid reflux. If you need a quick remedy to get rid of heartburn, you can simply use a banana. Eat some bananas whenever you feel uneasy because of heartburn.

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10. Buttermilk

Moreover, who doesn’t love to drink buttermilk? If you are feeling the burn, then you can drink some iced buttermilk; they will work instantly with the burn and you should also remember that probiotic drinks are good for the digestive system and should be in your diet.

11. Drink Lot

Apart from these, drinking a lot of water is equally important! They will help to dilute the acid content of your stomach and help keep the fluid level of your body right.

To prevent bloating and indigestion, you can drink peppermint tea. You can drink it before a meal to prevent getting any heartburn resulting from fault eating habit. You can include peppermint oil to your usual tea to get this benefit.

Change Your Lifestyle to Get Rid of Acid Reflux

  • You might also need to bring in little or major lifestyle changes if you want to get rid of frequent heartburns.
  • Try to maintain a good weight, which is within the limit, wear loose clothes as they do not compress your abdominal area.
  • Check that you avoid food that is a causative agent of acid reflux; after finishing a meal, make sure you move and walk around. This will actually help with digestion. Never be late for your food, remember; frequent and small meals throughout the day!
  • Eat six-time daily. A number of Gastroenterologists recommend that many meals a day of smaller proportions are best. They also suggest that you should eat about four to six times daily in trifling amounts instead of eating twice or thrice.

Great Medication Tips to Get Rid of Acid Reflux

If you want to try medications, then you can try taking antacids after meals. Also, it is best to communicate with your doctor and take medications and advice from him when necessary. Exercising is good for the body, but don’t go doing stress workouts straight after a meal, give it some time. Don’t “stress” or “binge” eat, eat slowly and calmly so that the gullet is not stressed and nor your stomach.

Maintain the list in your daily food habit and notice how the foods you take can get rid you of acid reflux.

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