How to Reduce Body Heat: 20 Best Home Remedies and Tips

How to Reduce Body Heat

Feeling too hot? We mean, is your body temperature above average? Our normal body temperature is around 98.6 degrees. Obviously, it varies from person to person and from one type of weather pattern to another. It occurs basically from exposure to high temperatures.  Though you feel hot being hot, body heat can cause many problems


How to Get Rid of Phlegm Using Home Remedies

How to get rid of phlegm

Phlegm, also known as throat mucus, is mainly described as an uncomfortable sensation you experience when mucus drips from the back of your nose or clogs up your throat. The glands of your throat and nose produce approximately 1 to 2 liters of mucus per day. It’s not a serious health problem at all but if it


How to Get Rid of Rosacea on Face

How to Get Rid of Rosacea

Rosacea is a common skin disease. It is also a long-lasting  problem which causes redness and inflammation in the face. It mainly occurs in specific areas of the face, nose and forehead. According to a survey, about 5% men and 14% women are being affected by rosacea every week. Though there is currently no treatment


How to Get Rid of a Runny Nose Fast and Naturally

How to get rid of a runny nose

Runny nose is an embarrassing problem. Some causes of runny nose are- common cold, a sinus infection, an allergic reaction and a sudden changing of weather. If you do not treat it quickly, it may lead to headaches, coughing, earaches and other cold-related problems. You will find a large number of OTC medications for getting rid of a


How to Get Rid of Waterbugs

How to get rid of waterbugs

Unpleasant household pests –surely the common are water bugs. It creates instant crowded glory at the first spot. The large cockroach-like critters are more disgusting and difficult to kill. They mainly come to your house in the time of summer from street drains. But there are some easy solutions which play an important role to


How to Stop Your Period Early

How to Stop your period Early

Menstrual cycles are a really important part in a woman’s life. However, it tends to be highly problematic. Menstrual cycles can be enormously painful for some women. Also, a heavy flow of menstrual blood makes for an irritating and unpleasant period. Luckily, there are some ways to delay your periods. There are methods to shorten


How to Get Rid of Stomach Cramps Fast

How to get rid of stomach cramps

Stomach cramps, also known as “abdominal pain”  is a very common problem among people of all ages. It is very painful but if you take possible remedies, you can cure this problem as soon as possible. Find out how to get rid of stomach cramps, what causes stomach cramps, and what you can do to ease the


How to Get Rid of Hives Fast at Home

How to get rid of hives fast

Urticaria is another name of hives. About 20% of people are affected by this problem sometime in their lives. Hives are the prickling bumps that can appear on your skin or in a particular place of your body. Hives have different shapes like they can be huge as the hands of human. Or, they can


How to Get Rid of White Spots on Teeth

How to get rid of white spots on teeth

White spot on teeth-who wants this? The answer will be –nobody. So, to maintain a strong and smart personality, everyone desires for sparkling teeth. So to speak, shining teeth are the secret behind a beautiful smile. But it’s very painful to say that most of the people are not able to maintain the natural whiteness


Home Remedies to Get Rid of Vaginal Discharge

How to get rid of vaginal discharge

Most of the women have to deal with vaginal discharge in their life at least once or twice. It is a very common problem among all women. It mainly occurs for number of reasons like- Sexually Transmitted Diseases Poor Hygiene Hormonal Changes Bacterial Growth Yeast Infections If this problem is owed to bacterial infection, you